System Administrator Resume Sample

Updated on: June 6, 2021

Do you know that most resumes for system administrator positions are reviewed between 10-20 seconds only?

Does that scare you?

It should. Because if that is how little time a reviewer spends on your resume, how in the world are you going to make an impression? There is a loophole here…

A system administrator’s resume should begin with professional highlights or summary statements. A summary statement can be read in 5 seconds flat!

If it is impressive, the rest of the 20 seconds will be advantageous to you as well. Spend time and effort in determining how to impress the reader, and the 20 seconds rule will work in your favor entirely!

Here is an example:

Sample Resume for System Administrator Position

Jeffery Morgan
52 Main Street
Pine Bluffs, WY 25632
(000) 414-9745
jeff.morg @ email . com


• Technically inclined System Administrator with 15+ years’ extensive experience in provisioning, installing, configuring, and maintaining systems hardware and software and related infrastructure.
• Proficient in handling technical research and development to enable continuing innovation within prescribed infrastructures.
• First-hand experience in installing new and building existing servers and configuring related hardware, peripherals, services, and directories.
• Documented success in performing daily system monitoring and verifying the integrity of the hardware, server resources, and key processes.
• Competent at ensuring implementation of security measures to keep systems safe and identify possible intrusions and maintaining the integrity of constructed systems while ensuring that they conform to company standards for security and usability.


System Administrator
ATIONNET, Pine Bluffs, WY
May 2010 to Present
• Determine the company’s technology needs and develop new systems and application implementation programs
• Train technical staff in the use of hardware and software, either developed or purchased
• Establish methods and guidelines for installation and maintenance of computer operating systems, disk arrays and tape libraries
• Develop and implement procedures to maintain security and protect systems from unauthorized use
• Recommend and implement systems enhancements to improve the performance and reliability of the overall system
• Perform periodic audits and handle system integration, verification, and supportability for communications systems
• Analyze functional aspects of the system to translate clients’ requirements into hardware and software test plans
• Handle inventory management of software licenses, hardware and software
Key Accomplishments
• Implemented a mass system upgrade, completing it in 5 days, thereby increasing system efficiency by 55%
• Integrated a complex LAN system into the company WAN without disturbing links and configurations
• Secured company data by implementing an in-house developed software coined No Theft
• Purchased original software licenses at 25% discount by identifying low cost vendors, saving the company $50,000

Junior System Administrator
TECHNOGEN, Pine Bluffs, WY
Mar 2006 – Jan 2010
• Installed and upgraded system software and hardware components
• Created network and email accounts for new users
• Responded to requests for system maintenance and troubleshooting
• Assisted in purchasing software and hardware and other information technology supplies
• Provided tier 2 support by analyzing business process failures and performing account management duties

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

• Server Rebuilding
• Configuration Procedures
• Automated Approaches
 Data Integrity
• Systems Integration
• Network Systems Sustainment
• Functional Analysis
• Software Test Plans
• Testing Procedures
• Tier 2 Support
• Network Storage Devices
• System Upgradation