9 Entry-Level Registered Nurse Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: February 3, 2022

Nursing is a truly fulfilling profession as it provides both a professional career path and personal satisfaction which comes from providing healthcare services.

In fact, one of the fastest-growing careers in the United States of America is nursing.

With a significant increase in healthcare facilities throughout the country, the demand for registered nurses is extremely high.

On the other hand, competition is also high because thousands of new nursing graduates enter in the field each year.

Registered nurses can choose to specialize in any field that they like once they have had some experience in preliminary nursing practices.

A newly registered nurse will have much on her plate as she will be responsible for providing direct patient care such as taking and recording vitals, administering medication, and even assisting with patient rehabilitation to some extent.

RNs are responsible for much in this role – identifying patient care requirements, establishing compassionate environments, and promoting patients’ independence are just some of the tasks that they are expected to perform.

Registered nurses who are looking for a first job need to be able to represent themselves as apt for the position.

Since resumes are a key to acquiring interviews that will eventually get you a job, you must ensure that your resume is reflective of your skills and qualifications.

Let us start with the resume summary statement which is what employers read first.

A professional and well-written resume summary statement can do wonders for your chances of an interview.

If you are applying as an RN for an entry-level position, you may be somewhat daunted by the prospect of writing a good statement.

Let us help you write a compelling summary statement for your resume.

9 Summary Statements for Entry-Level Registered Nurse Resume

1. Self-motivated and patient service-focused Registered Nurse with a special talent for identifying patient care requirements and delivering synchronized nursing services while keeping within the boundaries of the code of ethics.

2. Fresh and ambitious Registered Nurse with 6 months of internship experience in providing compassionate care to the multicultural population. Competent at observing patients for condition changes. Profound knowledge of developing, altering, and implementing care plans in accordance with patients’ healthcare needs.

3. Well-organized and proactive Registered Nurse who is well versed in establishing a compassionate environment for patients while delivering excellence in patient care services. Proficient in assuring the quality of care and knowledge of recommending changes in care plans by employing expertise in observation.

4. Graduate Registered Nurse with a special interest in infection control procedures. Highly knowledgeable in controlled substance regulations, medication administration procedures, and patient care services documentation procedures

5. A highly motivated registered nurse who has a clear, fresh view of medical sciences. Effectively able to plan nursing interventions and develop and implement core medical services to ensure patient comfort and rehabilitation.

6. Focused, passionate Registered Nurse with a successful track record of implementing and monitoring patient care plans. Adept at serving as a primary coordinator of all disciplines to ensure well-coordinated patient care.

7. Responsible and reliable nursing professional with exceptional skills in assessing patients’ conditions and ensuring that they are provided with nursing support in accordance with their set plans of care. Highly developed skills in promoting consistent delivery of quality care and timely access to necessary resources.

8. Enthusiastic and resourceful nursing professional with a great ability to identify patient care requirements and establish a compassionate environment by effectively providing emotional, psychological, and spiritual support to patients.

9. Sympathetic Registered Nurse with deep insight into assuring the quality of care by adhering to therapeutic standards with a sound ability to measure health outcomes against specified patient care goals. Adept at assessing patients and developing individualized care plans and carrying out nursing procedures appropriately. Special interest in pediatric care.