Registered Nurses are responsible for providing professional nursing care to patients in accordance with the Nurse Practice Act. They work for implementation of medical plan while adhering to the policies of the healthcare facility.

In your RN Resume, you need to highlight your key skills and qualifications on the top of your resume to support your job goal at the very beginning. This can either be made in paragraph form or a bullet list. Use action verbs and find keywords and buzzwords in the RN job description provided by prospective employer and utilize them in your phrases. This is your chance to show your best qualities relating to employer’s requirements.

Below is a list of necessary skills and qualifications of a Registered Nurse in bullet form. These statements might be used either in skills or summary of qualifications section of your resume.

Select only 4-5 phrases for your resume which best match the job description given in the advertisement.


Sample Skills and Qualifications for RN Resume


• Highly skilled in assessing, planning, implementing, documenting, coordinating, and managing patient care in accordance with facility and hospital protocols.

• Track record of communicating and collaborating with patients, families, physicians and other health care providers to achieve quality in patient care.

• Thorough understanding of assessing patients to recognize suitable nursing interventions.

• Successful track record of providing exceptional patient care.

• Able to handle emergency situations in an opportune and safe manner.

• Well-versed in administering medications and treatments as prescribed by a physician.

• Particularly effective in assisting physicians and healthcare professionals during surgery and other medical procedures.

• Competent at recognizing the existence of intellectual differences and utilizing proper resources.

• Able to respond to the requirements of the pediatric, adolescent, adult and elderly patients, family members and visitors.

• Special talent for delegating appropriate assignments to LPNs, CNAs and unlicensed workers.

• Able to make the most of leadership skills to efficiently direct other nursing staff.

• Technically sound in all psychomotor interventions when administering care to patients.

• Hands-on experience in handling diagnostic and imaging equipment.

• Demonstrated ability to train and counsel new nurses.

• Proven team-building abilities to create a consistent and productive environment.

• Working knowledge of healthcare software including Electronic Health Record (EHR).

• Extremely proficient in entering, accessing, and retrieving patient data, and creating customized reports.