Registered Nurse Hard Skills and Qualifications for Resume

Updated on: April 29, 2021

Registered Nurses are responsible for providing compassionate nursing care to patients following the Nurse Practice Act. They implement patient care plans while adhering to the policies of the healthcare facility.

In your RN Resume, you will need to highlight your key skills and qualifications at the top of your resume to support your job goal at the very beginning.

This can either be made in paragraph form or a bullet list.

Use action verbs and find keywords and buzzwords in the RN job description provided by the prospective employer and use them in your phrases.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to show your best qualities in relation to the employer’s requirements.

To determine what skills you need to write in your resume, you have to first delve into what you will need to do in a day’s work. For instance, if you are a registered nurse, you should possess the following skills:

1. Planning
Planning is extremely important to work in a nursing position. Filling out medical charts and allocating medication all require organization.

2. Stress Management
Nurses always work under stress. Stress is part of the job description. Dealing with stress as it happens is imperative if they want to lead a successful day.

3. Compassion
As a nurse, you have to be kind and compassionate as it is the major essence. Dealing with distressed patients is only possible if you have it in you to be sympathetic towards them.

4. Communication
In order to be able to understand patients’ needs, you have to be able to communicate with them properly. Asking the right questions, making appropriate notes, and ensuring that doctors understand what you have to tell them is of great importance.

Below is a list of skills and qualifications of a Registered Nurse in bullet form. These statements are useful either in the skills or RN summary of qualifications section of your resume.

Select only 4-5 phrases for your resume, which best match the job description given in the advertisement.

Sample Skills and Qualifications Statements for RN Resume

  1. Highly skilled in assessing, planning, implementing, documenting, coordinating, and managing patient care under the facility and hospital protocols.
  2. Communicates and collaborates with patients, families, physicians, and other healthcare providers to achieve quality in patient care.
  3. Thorough understanding of assessing patients to recognize suitable nursing interventions.
  4. Successful track record of providing exceptional patient care.
  5. Able to handle emergencies in a timely and safe manner.
  6. Well-versed in administering medications and treatments as prescribed by a physician.
  7. Particularly useful in assisting physicians and healthcare professionals during surgery and other medical procedures.
  8. Competent at recognizing the existence of intellectual differences and utilizing proper resources.
  9. Able to respond to the requirements of pediatric, adolescent, adult, and elderly patients, family members, and visitors.
  10. Unique talent for delegating appropriate assignments to LPNs, CNAs, and unlicensed workers.
  11. Able to make the most of leadership skills to direct other nursing staff efficiently.
  12. Technically sound in all psychomotor interventions when administering care to patients.
  13. Hands-on experience in handling diagnostic and imaging equipment.
  14. Demonstrated ability to train and counsel new nurses.
  15. Proven team-building abilities to create a consistent and productive environment.
  16. Working knowledge of healthcare software, including Electronic Health Record (EHR).
  17. Extremely proficient in entering, accessing, and retrieving patient data, and creating customized reports.
  18. Exceptional ability to handle bedside care by providing dedicated nursing care according to set patient care plans.
  19. Skilled in designing and implementing patient care plans according to the specific needs of each patient.
  20. Hands-on experience in providing dedicated nursing care to people from different age brackets and backgrounds.
  21. Proficient in communicating effectively with patients, families, staff, and doctors to ensure the design and implementation of appropriate medical care plans.
  22. Adept at dealing with emotionally charged situations by employing tact to help patients and families come to terms with their situations.
  23. Focused on identifying patient care requirements by establishing personal rapport with them and providing correlating care.
  24. Committed to promoting patient independence by establishing patient care goals and training patients and families self-care skills.
  25. Demonstrated expertise in employing infection control procedures, to ensure patient safety.
  26. Proven ability to diagnose diseases by analyzing patients’ symptoms and taking required actions for recovery.

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