Pilot Resume Sample

Updated on March 4, 2018


Simply dumping information in a resume doesn’t open interview windows.

It is imperative to know what type of information goes where on a resume.3

Before you build your resume, it is important to understand the “parts of your resume”. Also, deciding whether to use a resume objective or a summary is essential. Employers invest a lot of time and money on you as a new and untried employee, and they need to be at least given the benefit of a well-written resume.

Organize the facts into various categories in your resume:

• Contact information
• Objective or summary of qualifications
• Competencies and skills
• Accomplishments
• Experience
• Education

When you fill out information in this order, you will be presented with a carefully crafted resume that an employer cannot refuse. Here is a template for your reference:


Pilot Resume Example



Adrian Hall

3610 Bellview Drive ● Deatsville, AL 26351 ● (000) 478-8444 ● adhal @email . com

 ❖❖ PILOT ❖❖

Competent pilot with over 12 years’ progressive experience and 21000+ hours in flying commercial aircraft. Track record of creating and implementing flight plans to chart out shortest and safest routes to destinations across the world.
• Hands-on experience in carrying pre-flight checks of aircraft systems to ensure they are in optimal working conditions.
• Qualified to determine flight route information to ensure passenger safety and comfort.
• Demonstrated expertise in liaising with engineers, dispatchers and cabin crew to ascertain that aircraft is ready to take off.
• Adept at documenting in-flight data and making adjustments to deal with severe or changing weather conditions.


• FAA First Class Medical Certificate• FCC Radiotelephone Operators Permit
• Cockpit Instrumentation• Ground Communication
• Flight Planning• Safety Systems
• Aircraft Maintenance Reviews• Aircraft Inspection
• Type Ratings: CL-65, CE-525• Emergency Handling
• Cargo Management• Record Keeping
• Base Flight Programs• Commercial Privileges: ASEL

APG ~ CPCALC ~ Jeppesen flight deck ~ EFIS ~ FMS ~ NEXRAD ~ WAAS


Pilot | AIR USA, Deatsville, AL | 5/2009 to Present

• Look through schedules to determine which flights are to be led for the day and prepare to meet the challenge.
• Map out shortest (and tried) route to local and international destinations by factoring in head/tail winds and weather conditions.
• Perform preflight checks to ensure that the aircraft is in proper working order and is fly-worthy.
• Ascertain that the aircraft has been fueled properly and that the cargo/luggage is appropriately loaded.
• Maintain flight schedules and inform ground and cabin crew of any delays.
• Ascertain that all safety systems are properly working on the aircraft.
• Fly plane according to specific training provided, by making appropriate use of controls.
• Announce flight details and landing and take-off announcements over the public address system.
• Keep both passengers and crew members abreast of the progress of the journey or any delays.
• Ascertain the aircraft’s safety during inclement weather conditions or other hazards.
• Assist cabin crew members in calming passengers displaying attacks of anxiety.
• Take control of hostile situations onboard by ensuring that perpetrator is restrained and that passengers and crew members remain safe.

Key Accomplishments
• Suggested introduction of low-cost flights (with frequent layovers) over long routes to decrease onboard crew members’ incapacitation to work long hauls.
• Reined in an onboard medical emergency by providing immediate CPR to a passenger who had suffered from a heart attack.
• Averted a possible terror attack by promptly responding to a crew member’s discreet call for help from the business class cabin and restrained the offender until the next possible landing opportunity.
• Chosen from 52 other newly trained pilots to work as co-pilot on the new Concord plane’s virgin journey.

Co Pilot | ALABAMA AIR, Deatsville, AL | 1/2003 to 5/2009

• Assisted in performing pre-flight checks to ensure that everything is in proper working order.
• Oversaw fueling of the aircraft and ensured that luggage is secured correctly.
• Welcome passengers onboard and handle public announcements such as take off and touch down.
• Took aircraft control over from the pilot during long hauls to ensure that he or she gets enough rest.
• Handled aircraft controls and ensured that any problems with the aircraft were immediately communicated to the ground staff.
• Checked weather conditions before flights and made changes in autopilot systems according to any visible changes in weather.


Commercial Pilots Licence

Associate Degree in Aviation (Professional Pilots)