Registered Nurse Resume Sample [+Job Description]

Updated: May 12, 2023

A registered nurse or RN provides direct care to patients. S/he works under the supervision of a nurse manager and is required to follow the healthcare plans for each patient.

Registered nurses can work in many departments such as surgery, rehabilitation, oncology, medicine, telemetry, emergency room, pediatrics, cardiac care units, or women’s services.

To work as a registered nurse, you will need to be a graduate of an accredited school of nursing, along with a license to practice in the state.

Registered Nurse Resume Sample

A registered nurse (RN) resume is the most important part of your nursing portfolio. It is a 1-2-page document created and used by a nurse to present their background, education, experiences, and accomplishments.

RN Resumes can be used for many reasons, but most often they are used to apply for a new job.

The following is a great resume sample for a registered nurse position. This resume sample, along with this registered nurse cover letter, will help you build an exceptional portfolio or job application package.

Sample Resume for Registered Nurse Position

Sara Oliver, RN
543 7th Drive
Longmont, CO 66987
(000) 854-5214 

Continually enhancing the satisfaction level of patients as well as families.

Top-performing Registered Nurse with 12 years of progressively responsible experience in hospital, sub-acute, and other healthcare settings. Track record of providing compassionate nursing care to patients from different backgrounds. Highly skilled in evaluating and treating patients using advanced technologies and practices. Ability to formulate plans of care and establish priorities necessary to achieve positive outcomes.

– Physical Assessment
– Blood Glucose/Vital Signs
– Catheter Management
– Patient and Family Education
– Medication Dispensing
– Care Documentation
– Cast/Pin/Traction Care
– Wound Dressing and Care


Registered Nurse
Colorado Sanitarium – Longmont, CO
2014 – Present

  • Interact with patients to identify their specific physical and psychological needs.
  • Identify patients’ actual in addition to potential problems.
  • Devise treatment plans as per requirements.
  • Maintain safety as well as confidentiality standards.
  • Document patient records and procedures.
  • Collaborate with physicians regarding treatment plans.
  • Provide information to patients and families about conditions and appropriate plans of action.

Selected Accomplishments

  • Achieved management recognition award owing to excellence in nursing practices.
  • Explicitly supervised the night shift for three months as the only RN on duty.
  • Devised a set of interactive activities, which helped in the well-being of patients consequently.

Nursing Assistant
Saint Luke’s Hospital – Kansas City, MO
2011 – 2014

  • Assisted the RN in the efficient delivery of patient care.
  • Provided primary patient care, such as bathing, nutrition, and positioning.
  • Transported patients as well as equipment.
  • Set up and maintained patient rooms.
  • Reordered and stocked supplies.

Selected Accomplishments

  • Introduced new procedures of personal care, increasing patient satisfaction by 30% as a result.
  • Organized OB/GYN ward particularly, utilizing the current equipment and protocols.

BS Degree in Nursing
Longmont Nursing College, Longmont, CO

Colorado State Registered Nurse License

Basic Life Support with Automatic External Defibrillator
Certified Nursing Assistant


  • Good time management skills
  • Excellent understanding of medical terminology together with codes
  • Bilingual: English and Spanish

Registered Nurse Duties for Resume

Before you attempt to prepare your resume for a registered nurse position, make sure that you are on par with what one does. The following job duties statements can be used to build the experience section of your resume.

  • Assess patients’ conditions by thoroughly going through their records and medical histories.
  • Interview patients to determine complaints and take notes to add to their records.
  • Check and record patients’ vitals such as pulse, respiration, blood pressure, and temperature.
  • Observe patients in order to determine any changes (deterioration or betterment) in their condition and ensure that they are reported and recorded immediately.
  • Establish treatment plans for assessing patient conditions and ruling out aversion or allergies to medication.
  • Perform diagnostic tests by first taking samples of blood and urine and then following up with the lab to ensure that results are promptly provided.
  • Treat medical emergencies such as strokes and heart attacks and victims of burns and accidents.
  • Educate patients and their families about conditions and medication.
  • Measure health outcomes against patient care goals and provide/incorporate suggestions for improvements.
  • Maintained a clean and sanitized environment for patients by adhering to infection control procedures.
  • Document patient care services by making sure that all medications, conditions, responses, and observations are properly recorded.

Registered Nurse Resume Formats

There are many formats that you can use to build a resume for a Registered Nurse Position. However, what template and design work is something that needs to be taken into consideration.

In general, there are three major formats for a registered nurse resume:

1. Chronological

This RN resume format specifically emphasizes your relevant experiences in reverse chronological order. Usually, this format is suitable for you if you have more than ten years of experience in hand.

2. Functional/Skills-Based

The RN Functional Resume is based on your transferable skills and abilities gained through education, internships, and real-life experiences. This format is appropriate for entry-level nurses with less or no experience in hand. Additionally, it is useful for career changers in order for them to focus on their transferable skills gained through non-relevant experiences.

3. Combination/Targeted

As a blend of chronological and functional formats, this RN resume format works well in the majority of cases. It is a customized version of your resume as per the requirements of the employer. It relates your qualities, attributes, and experiences to the employer’s needs.

Specifically, this kind of resume is written in a way that draws the employer’s interest in your most relevant attributes.

It includes an objective or summary statement, key qualifications, skills, areas of expertise, accomplishments, and relevant experiences. For this reason, this format is useful for nurses of all career levels.

Final Thought

It is strongly recommended that you choose a resume format that suits your circumstances.

Regardless of which registered nurse resume format you prefer, you should ensure that you use bullet points as they are easy to read.

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