Top 15 Nurse Manager Achievements for Resume

Updated on: August 5, 2020

When writing a resume for a nurse manager position, it is important to pay special attention to the achievements section. This will provide hiring managers with solid information on what you can do, and how well you have done in past roles.

Since you will be working in a managerial position, it is imperative to convince the hiring to hire you because you have accomplished much in the past.

If you go through the details of your career as a nurse manager, you will see that you have achieved a lot, but never put in down as an accomplishment. Make a list of these achievements, and you will have comprehensive statements to put in your resume.

As far as stating your nurse manager’s achievements is concerned, it is imperative to write them to reflect how well you fit into a new facility. Through your achievements statements, a hiring manager will be able to gauge how well you can perform in the future.

Here are a few nurse manager resume achievements statements that you put in your resume:

15 Sample Accomplishments and Achievements for a Nurse Manager Resume

  1. Supervised 4 groups of nurses in ER and Pediatric departments, spanning a time of 2 years
  2. Successfully devised individualized plans for 6 cancer patients, as a result, increased mortality rate
  3. Singlehandedly managed 2 side by side emergencies, saving both patients from fatal circumstances
  4. Oversaw the implementation of well-placed nursing procedures, hence, increased nursing care quality
  5. Led a team of junior nurses in providing excellent one on one nursing care to assigned patients
  6. Conducted performance reviews of 100+ nurses within a year, ensuring that they met criteria
  7. Designed and implemented protocols and standards of nursing execution
  8. Developed a series of patient education plans, hence, decreased confusion at the family’s end
  9. Successfully handled 10+ cases at the same time, without compromising on the quality of nursing care
  10. Replaced an old-fashioned nursing oversight system, therefore, increased nurses’ interest in the work
  11. Assured quality of care provided to patients, by consistently ensuring nursing staff training
  12. Saved a child’s life by recognizing early signs of cardiac arrest, and providing immediate treatment
  13. 13. Implemented a medication monitoring system, as a result, decreased problems associated with missed doses
  14. Successfully recruited and trained 25 nurses for a hospital’s newly established oncology wing
  15. Ensured the quality of nursing activities by successfully implementing an ongoing training and development program

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