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Pediatric Nurse Interview Questions and Answers

A Pediatric Nurse is responsible for looking after the medical needs of young patients. Specifically, they evaluate children for signs of diseases and provide interventions.     A  pediatric nurse interview will require you to be prepared beforehead. Therefore, you will need to see some possible questions and answers before appeaing in a Pediatric Nurse Interview.… Read More »

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RN Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

Writing a cover letter to apply for an RN supervisor role requires one to be honest about the content. You must highlight your skills and abilities as an RN Supervisor so that a hiring manager can successfully deem you as the right candidate.   The problem with most cover letters is that they concentrate on… Read More »

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RN Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

As an RN supervisor, your job is quite important. And that is why you will need to ensure that you ace the interview process, as only the best people are hired in this role.   At the interview for an RN supervisor, you will be scrutinized not only on your nursing skills but also your… Read More »

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CNS Resume Sample and Template

How exactly do you write a CNS resume in an extraordinary manner? Since you are writing a resume to acquire a nursing position that has high responsibility requirements, you need to be able to make it obvious that you meet those requirements. If the job advertisement says that the company is looking for someone with… Read More »

Registered Nurse Skills List for Resume

Success is also spelt another way – skills. Being skilled at work means that you are half successful. The rest comes with experience. But half success on your first day at work is not bad. Imagine how much you will be able to contribute instantly if you do not need a lot of training! You… Read More »

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New Grad RN Resume with No Experience

Alright! So you have graduated from a nursing program, and you cannot wait to obtain your first “real” assignment! Wait! There is something that you are forgetting. Before you begin to think about all the duties that you will perform while working as a nurse, you need to do one thing – write a resume.… Read More »

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RN Resignation Letter Sample

Believe it or not, a good last impression is as important as the first one. Fine, you have to make a good impression when being hired but why when you leave? There are two reasons for this: 1. You do not want to leave a bad taste in your employer’s mouth – the person who… Read More »

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APRN Recommendation Letter Sample

Overview and Guidelines You’re leaving your job, and people are asking you if you’re planning to ask your employer for a recommendation letter. Nah, you say, forget it. Who asks for recommendation letters nowadays? The answer is, everybody! Well, not absolutely everybody, but most hiring managers want to know how your previous employer viewed you,… Read More »

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