When composing a cover letter for a retail associate position, just attempt to answer the employer’s question: ‘Why should we hire you?’ A cover letter is basically an opportunity for you to convince the recruiter that you can be an asset for the organization. Therefore, use this opportunity to demonstrate your selling skills!

You do not need to list all your qualifications and skills already mentioned in the resume. However, mentioning your retail relevant accomplishments and tying these up with the target job’s requirements can get you through!

Look at the following example to get a better idea.

Retail Sales Associate Cover Letter Sample
Retail Sales Associate resume Sample


Sample Cover Letter for Retail Associate Position


Samantha Carl

Apt 34, Dexter Drive | Cherry Hill, NJ 44534 | (888) 555-4444 | sam@ email . com

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mr. Anthony Giber
HR Manager, Jacobson & Co
45 Wilson Avenue
Cherry Hill, NJ 44534


Dear Mr. Giber

Customer Service / Communication / Adaptability / Teamwork

Above are some of my core competencies I would bring to the Jacobson & Co in the role of a Retail Associate.

My multilingual skills, understanding of various cultures and knowledge of customer preferences could be effectively utilized for the promotion of Jacobson & Co cosmetics. I am highly skilled in making customer’s shopping experience an interactive one and am looking forward to demonstrate the same skills at Jacobson & Co.

Having spent three productive years in the retail industry, I am now fully equipped with the abilities to enhance sales of any given organization. For instance, I am very effective in:

• Greeting and responding to all customers in a friendly manner
• Well versed in presenting merchandise appropriately
• Particularly effective in operating cash register compliant with policies and procedures
• Special talent for maintaining a clean and sanitized work area

The enclosed resume will enlighten you further regarding my strengths.

As a highly energetic and dynamic individual, I’d welcome an interview with you to discuss how my expertise could be used to enhance your sales. I will call your office next week to confirm the receipt of this application. In the interim, if you need any additional information, I’ll be available at (888) 555-444.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Samantha Carl

Encl. Resume