Retail Clothing Sales Associate Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 10, 2021

Retail clothing sales associate cover letters need to be very clear documents.

That said, everything that you want to say to a prospective employer and how you want him to perceive you as a candidate should be made clear in it.

Unclear communications fail to make positive impressions. Mentally go through what you have to write before you actually write it. Better still, write it down on a rough piece of paper so that any amount of brain fog does not erase the brilliant sentences that you came up with.

Doing your homework is of the utmost importance. If you have your notes in front of you, you can write an excellent cover letter.

And since your aim is to impress the reader with not just your job-related skills but also your communication abilities, planning ahead is important.

What follows is a cover letter sample written by a retail clothing sales associate resume that sells her candidature to the prospective employer:

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Retail Clothing Sales Associate Cover Letter Sample

August 10, 2021

Mr. Bruce Kelly
Hiring Manager
High Street Fashion
282 Brom Street
Butte, WY 22656

Dear Mr. Kelly:

I am responding to an opening advertised for a Clothing Sales Associate at High Street Fashion. My customer service skills and retail sales experiences make me an excellent contender.

Things are never simple in the retail world, especially where clothes retail is concerned. Customers are picky and the competition is great. If I tell you that both competition and picky customers are factors, challenges of which I have successfully countered many times during the 5 years that I have worked as a retail clothing sales associate.

Let me provide you with further highlights of my qualifications in this regard:

  • Well-versed in actively seeking out customers and providing them with detailed information on clotheslines, including details of fabric and stitching styles.
  • Highly experienced in handling visual merchandising activities to increase the visual appeal of branded and non-branded clothes.
  • Competent at suggestive selling activities aimed at increasing the store’s sales.

Because of the many years that I have worked in the capacity of a retail clothing sales associate, I have learned how to stay atop the competition by performing dedicated industry trends research. This, along with a solid track record of developing new business and high customer satisfaction rates, you will find me to be a great addition to your sales team.

I will call you after a few days to arrange a good time and date for an interview. If you need to contact me before we get a chance to meet, please call at (000) 111-1111.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Joyce Mason

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