Cover Letter for Retail Assistant Manager Position (+3 Tips)

Updated on: April 13, 2022
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Before writing a Retail Assistant Manager cover letter, it is important to understand its purpose.

A cover letter is a tool that introduces the candidate to the employer.

It is a golden opportunity to develop an interest in the reader and to encourage them to have a favorable look at your resume.

Retail Assistant Manager Cover Letter Writing Tips

  1. Select two or three critical skills f in line with the demands of the employer and elaborate on them.
  2. Use numbers to showcase some of the results you have previously generated in a similar role.
  3. Customize your tone to suit the employing firm’s culture. Show them that you are adaptable and will readily fit in if hired.

Below is a sample for further guidance in this regard.

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Retail Assistant Manager Cover Letter Sample

Brent Owen
441 Rosemary Ave
Irvine, CA 56001 
(000) 222-9596
brent @ email . com

April 13, 2022

Mr. Nathan Gale
HR Manager
KIA Motors
601 Industrial Boulevard
Irvine, CA 56001

Dear Mr. Gale:

After carefully going through the job description for the Retail Assistant Manager position at KIA Motors, I couldn’t stop feeling that your job description complements my profile.

During the past 13 years, I attained a solid reputation in ensuring departmental workflow through effective pricing research, product evaluation, retention, and dissemination. I am eager to bring the same energy, enthusiasm, convincing power, and business acumen to your team. Adept at making cost recommendations and determining new account rates based on customer variables I can do it all when it comes to keeping current on competitor pricing.

Some of my professional accomplishments include:

• Facilitated the retail department in setting up and launching a new model of heavy-duty motorbikes that exceeded retail targets by 50%.

• Generated a record-breaking year-end sales target worth $22M in 2021.

• Implemented customer service enhancement plans that raised client satisfaction by 60% resulting in a doubling of the overall client base.

If you require a proactive, agile, and goal-oriented Retail Assistant Manager who is driven to make it to a whole new level of success, call me at ((000) 222-9596. I will follow up on my job application after a few days.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Brent Owen