Sample Job Description for a Paraprofessional Resume

Updated on: January 31, 2021

Also known as teacher’s aides, paraprofessionals work in educational environments under the supervision of certified teachers.

They support teachers akin to instruction and behavior management and have an essential role to play especially when working in a preschool or elementary school setting.

There are five main aspects of a paraprofessional’s work:

  1. Assisting lead teachers
  2. Working with students
  3. Conferring with parents
  4. Providing clerical support
  5. Assisting in special education programs.

Without the input of paraprofessionals, a class may not be as useful as it should be.

Paraprofessionals are usually required to have an associate’s degree in education.

Since most paraprofessionals work in school settings and are responsible for preschool and elementary education, they need to know how to make lesson plans and develop a curriculum.

In the event of the absence of a lead teacher, a paraprofessional is expected to take it upon herself to handle a class for a specified period.

The following are some primary duties of a paraprofessional in an educational setting:

Sample Job Description for Paraprofessional Resume

• Assist the lead teacher in developing a core class curriculum.

• Provide support in planning, designing, and implementing individualized lesson plans.

• Assist in imparting instruction in class.

• Manage worksheets for students on a daily basis.

• Reinforce learning by working with individual students or small groups.

• Manage student behavior in class and around the campus.

• Assist the lead teacher in devising appropriate strategies to impart lessons to challenged students.

• Research information for use in instructional materials and prepare resources upon the instructions of the lead teacher.

• Distribute and collect worksheets and resource materials to students.

• Provide support to students in handling class assignments.

• Help the lead teacher in developing homework guidelines.

• Score and record diagnostic tests and assignments.

• Guide independent study and handle remedial work set up.

• Keep bulletin boards up to date.

• Listen to students and provide relevant advice to them.

• Take and record student attendance.

• Assist students during lunchtime and escort them to the bathroom.

• Alert the lead teacher in case of a medical emergency.

• Accompany students in outdoor activities.

• Accompany young students to and from the school bus.

• Ensure the safety of students during class and outdoor activities.

• Confer with parents regarding each individual students’ progress.

• Handle rowdy students with tact and diplomacy.

• Assist weak students by providing them with extra attention and compassion.

• Create and maintain students’ records.

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