Retail Associate Resume Objective Examples

Updated on December 21, 2015


If you have sent your last resume without an objective, well, there isn’t anything that you can do about it. However, for next time, you can make sure that you do put in a resume objective. Before you ask why, let us explain. A resume objective is like salad dressing, without which a salad has no taste – unless someone is really hungry, he or she will not touch it! Employers are the same. They do not want to try an unseasoned dish. They have choice aka other candidates!

A resume objective is a brief statement that says it all about the candidate. It starts with a purpose (what the candidate wants) and goes on to explain how he or she intends to achieve what he wants for the company. The last three words are bolded to show how important this is. Resume objectives are always about employers. While the candidate will obviously gain from it (both salary and experience), there really is no need to mention that he is looking for either. It is obvious.

As a statement that begins your resume, the objective needs to be all-encompassing. But since it cannot be longer than 3 lines, it needs to be concise as well. How does one do both? One makes sure that one puts in only relevant data that will provide information in a nutshell.

For a retail associate resume, here are a few objectives that you can use (be sure to change them around when you use them on your resume):

Retail Associate Resume Objective Examples

• Customer service-oriented Retail Associate seeking a position with Ross Stores. Bringing exceptional expertise in maintaining good customer services and ensuring proper merchandise presentation.

• Top-performing retail professional looking for a Retail Associate position at Goodwill Stores utilizing 6+ years’ experience in interacting with customers in a friendly manner and leading them through purchase processes efficiently and effectively.

• Desire a Retail Associate position at Home Depot. Offering ability to assist customers in all aspects of service fulfillment by demonstrating proficient use of proprietary devices and applications.

• To obtain a position as a Retail Associate with Macy’s by utilizing proficiencies in determining customers’ needs based on personal features and preferences. Able to handle complaints with a positive demeanor and provide effective solutions.

• To work as a Retail Associate with SEE Eyewear. Geared to resourcefully determine customers’ needs and provide them with correlating solutions.

• Seeking a position as a Retail Associate with K-Mart by employing exceptional expertise in engaging and creating unique, personalized shopping experiences for all customers, based on their individual needs.

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