Retail Sales Associate Resume Skills

Updated on: November 5, 2016

Want to impress a potential employer in one go? Write a detailed account of your skills in your resume. A skills section in a retail sales associate resume is a surefire way of impressing an employer into helping you to the next stage – the interview. How does it do that? Well, the fact that most employers look for people who have already developed skills is not lost on anyone! Play along. Give the employer what he is looking for and you can be sure that he will give you want you require. Fair exchange!

Skills define you a professional retail sales associate like nothing else can. Whether it is a resume or a cover letter, mentioning and building up on the skills that you have acquired over the years is imperative. You cannot expect an employer to hire you if you do not spell out exactly what your worth is. Other contenders for the position may sweep the job from right under your nose if you do not get your act together. Bottom line? Mention of skills is imperative in a resume. Period.

How to mention your skills in a resume so that they look genuine and workable, is another matter. Here is a list of skills that a retail sales associate can place into their resume for maximum benefit:

Sample Skills for Retail Sales Associate Resume

• Hands-on experience in ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction through provision of exceptional customer services
• Highly skilled in assessing customers’ needs and providing both information and assistance to ensure that they are met appropriately
• Deep insight into the “extra mile” mantra to drive sales and ensure repeat business opportunities
• Deeply familiar with recommending merchandise based on each customer’s individual requirements and likes
• Demonstrated expertise in preparing sales contracts and handling payment processes for both cash and credit card transactions
• Unmatched ability to serve multiple customers at the same time, without compromising quality of services
• Qualified to handle merchandising, visual merchandising and stocking activities in a time efficient manner
• Proficient in upholding and implementing loss prevention strategies, and effectively reducing item loss through constant check and vigilance
• Adept at processing shipments and ensuring that all merchandise is appropriately represented on the floor
• Competent in recommending products to customers by effectively and efficiently providing information of benefits and demonstrating product features
• Well-versed in engaging customers though conversation to determine their needs and assisting them in locating their choices of products
• Proven record of suggestively selling additional items and services in a bid to meet company and self-sales goals