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Senior Citizen Resume Example

Even though you may be above the age of retirement, it is not the end of the professional life. You can still grab a job. So, maybe the last position you held was that of a CEO of a marketing firm.   But, if you write that down in your resume, it might put off… Read More »

Resume Template for Retirees for Daycare Jobs

If you are a retired person seeking a career in daycare, the hybrid resume format suits you best. Combining the functional and reverse chronological formats, this type of resume will not only help in highlighting your core competencies but will also present your relevant experience in an organized manner. How to Write a Resume for… Read More »

Photographer Resume Sample

Photographers take and process still and motion photos for personal or commercial use. They work in many industries including newspapers, magazines, architecture, and even on freelance projects. There are many types of photographers including wedding, forensic, wildlife and nature, and commercial photographers alike. They all perform the same job but in different surroundings. When writing… Read More »

Journeyman Electrician Resume Example

Journeyman electricians perform duties akin to preventive maintenance and regular maintenance on electrical control systems. They work with wires and conduits to ensure that everything is placed in a safe working manner and is in good working order. They also repair problems with the wiring and electronic contraptions to ensure that no accidents occur in… Read More »

General Motors Resume Sample

General Motors – more commonly known as GM – is a multinational automotive company in the USA and Canada. It produces cars and trucks and sells its services through many brands such as Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, Opel, and Vauxhall amongst many more. There are many positions that you can apply for because it is a huge conglomerate… Read More »

Top 2 Electrician Resume Samples

Electricians are usually divided into two categories – construction electricians and maintenance electricians. While they perform different duties depending on the project that they have been offered, their activities may overlap at times too. For instance, a construction electrician can also manage the work of a maintenance electrician. A resume for an electrician position is… Read More »

BPO Resume Sample

Position Overview BPOs or business processing outsourcing is when a company hires another company to manage part of its activities at a cost. This may include outsourcing customer services, payroll or even human resources. There are many positions that a person can work in at a BPO. Let us look at a resume example of… Read More »