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Updated on: June 12, 2024

Creating a resume as a senior citizen may seem daunting, but it’s an opportunity to showcase a wealth of experience and skills acquired over many years.

Whether you are seeking to re-enter the workforce, change careers, or find a rewarding part-time position, a well-crafted resume can be your key to success.

This page offers a comprehensive resume example tailored to senior citizens, demonstrating how to present your background in the best possible light.

Use this resource to create a compelling document that resonates with potential employers and opens the door to new professional opportunities.

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Senior Citizen Resume Sample

James Trevor
102 Hart Street, Providence, RI 10284
(000) 458-7454
jamestrevor @ email . com


Seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience in management, customer service, and communication. Looking to apply a lifetime of skills and knowledge to a part-time position that values hard work, dedication, and wisdom acquired through decades of work experience. Quick to adapt and passionate about learning in the evolving workplace.

Professional Experience

Customer Service Manager
ABC Corporation, Hometown, TX
June 1985 – December 2020

  • Oversaw a team of 25 customer service representatives, ensuring high quality of support and customer satisfaction.
  • Implemented customer feedback systems that increased customer satisfaction rates by 20%.
  • Developed training programs for new hires and ongoing professional development for existing staff.
  • Managed complex customer complaints and resolved issues in a timely and empathetic manner.

Assistant Store Manager
XYZ Retail, Hometown, TX
March 1978 – May 1985

  • Assisted in managing the daily operations of a busy retail store, achieving 10% year-over-year sales growth.
  • Coordinated staff scheduling, inventory management, and promotional campaigns.
  • Provided exceptional customer service and resolved conflicts to maintain a high level of customer loyalty.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
University of Texas, Austin, TX


  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and adaptable to new technology.
  • Solid problem-solving abilities and customer service expertise.
  • Adept at team leadership and project management.
  • Committed to lifelong learning and professional development.

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Coordinator
Local Community Center, Hometown, TX
February 2021 – Present

  • Organize events and activities for community engagement.
  • Recruit and manage volunteers for various community initiatives.
  • Facilitate communication between the center and local businesses for sponsorships and donations.

Certifications and Associations

  • Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP)
  • Member of the National Association of Professional Managers (NAPM)

Hobbies and Interests

  • Enjoy gardening, maintaining a small vegetable and herb garden at home.
  • Regular participant in local charity runs and health awareness events.
  • Keen interest in woodworking and DIY home improvement projects.


Available upon request.

How to Write a Great Resume as a Senior Citizen?

Crafting a resume as a senior citizen involves highlighting a lifetime of experience while remaining succinct and relevant to the position sought. Here’s a guide to help you put together an outstanding resume:

1. Choose the Right Format

  • Chronological Resume: This is useful if you’re continuing in the same line of work. List your experience starting with the most recent.
  • Functional Resume: Focuses on skills and experience rather than a chronological work history. It’s suitable if you’re changing careers or have had significant gaps in employment.

2. Write a Strong Summary

  • Capture Attention: Begin with a summary or profile statement that highlights your experience, key skills, and career achievements.
  • Tailor Your Summary: Customize it for the role, emphasizing why you’re the right fit despite being a senior.

3. Emphasize Your Experience

  • Showcase Relevance: Highlight roles and responsibilities from past jobs that are relevant to the position you are applying for.
  • Limit History: You needn’t list every job. Focus on the most recent 10-15 years of your career.

4. Highlight Your Skills

  • Transferable Skills: Include skills that are valuable in many jobs, such as communication, problem-solving, and leadership.
  • Technical Proficiency: Don’t forget to mention any relevant software or tools you’re proficient with, showing you’ve kept up with technology.
  • Adaptability: As a senior citizen, showing that you’re adaptable and willing to learn can be very advantageous.

5. Include Education and Professional Development

  • Recent and Relevant: Only include the most recent and relevant educational achievements unless a prior degree or certification is especially pertinent to the job.
  • Ongoing Learning: If applicable, list any workshops or courses taken recently to keep your skills up to date.

6. Be Succinct

  • Concise Language: Use bullet points and concise language to make your resume easy to read.
  • Edit Ruthlessly: Cut out any information that isn’t directly helpful for the job application.

7. Format for Clarity

  • Clear Headings: Use clear headings for each section and a readable font size.
  • Whitespace: Ensure there is enough whitespace to make the resume easy on the eyes.

Tips for Senior Citizens

  • Age-Neutral: There’s no need to include your age or dates that would give it away, such as when you graduated from high school.
  • Emphasize Current Skills: Show employers that your skills and knowledge are current.
  • Cover Letter: Use a cover letter to explain gaps in employment or a change in career direction, if necessary.

Remember, your vast experience can be a significant asset if presented effectively. Focus on what you can contribute now and how your seasoned perspective is beneficial to potential employers.

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