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Biologist Resume Sample

If you have an interest in biology and a degree to support your interest, you might want to work as a biologist. A biologist is responsible for studying different life forms to determine their relationship with the environment. Depending on their area of study, biologists may study different aspects of life such as plants and… Read More »

Firefighter Resume Template

A work day in a firefighter’s life will consist of combating fires engendered by arson, natural disasters or accidents. These are highly trained professionals who provide fire suppressing services and may also aid paramedics in their activities and attempts to save victims of fires. Firefighters are required to possess a high school diploma at the… Read More »

Electrician Resume Samples

Electricians may be divided into two categories – construction electricians and maintenance electricians. While they perform different duties depending on the project that they have been offered, their activities may overlap at times too. For instance, a construction electrician can also manage the work of a maintenance electrician. A resume for an electrician position is… Read More »

BPO Resume Sample

Position Overview BPOs or business processing outsourcing is when a company hires another company to manage part of its activities at a cost. This may include outsourcing customer services, payroll or even human resources. There are many positions that a person can work in at a BPO. Let us look at a resume example of… Read More »

Installer Resume Template

Installers are responsible for installing complex insulation systems and usually work with clients to manage their work efficiently. This is a skilled job and requires the candidate to be knowledgeable about tools and equipment that are specific to the trade. Take a peek at an installer’s resume template to see what companies seek in successful… Read More »

Free Resume Layouts – Information and Ideas

There are a few hundred websites or more that boast of providing you with free resume layouts that you can customize to your liking and need. While these services essentially assist with resume writing, they should by no means be trusted completely. If you are looking for just the right resume layout and want it… Read More »

Eye Catching Resume Samples

What an eye-catching and compelling resume consists of? In Fact, it is a controversial matter. There are all sorts of resume templates out there that have the capability of really catching an employer’s eye. However, not all of them are workable. People go an extra mile to make their resumes “eye-catching” by designing them in… Read More »

Best Resume Templates for 2019

While crafting your resume in the second decade of the twenty-first century, particularly for the year 2019, the first thing to consider is – what are the best resume templates for 2019. First of all, you have to remember that the recruiters spend 10-15 seconds to read it.   Therefore, it is strongly recommended to… Read More »

UNDP CV Format Sample

How to Write a UNDP CV or Resume? When making a CV or Resume for any position at UNDP, remember the following points: 1. Consider the position specific to the Division or Facility and what they are seeking in an applicant. Include appropriate information by using the UNDP position description as a guide.   2.… Read More »

UN CV or Resume Format

The following is the standard UN Resume / CV Format for those who want to apply for a job at the United Nations. Customize your resume in line with the following format before sending it to the United Nations office.   1. YOUR PERSONAL DATA Your Name (Last, First, Middle) Your Complete Address City, Region/State,… Read More »