Wells Fargo Teller Resume Example

Updated on: March 22, 2021

As one of the most popular banks in the country, Wells Fargo hires the best staff to run its operations. This is especially true of tellers who are always in direct contact with the bank’s clients.

To provide sound financial services, it is vital to hire the right people, and since tellers are the face of any company, they are required to be hands-on in what they do and know what customer services are all about.

Basically, a teller introduces new products and services to the bank’s clients and handles much cash dispensing and managing tasks as well.

To work as a teller at Wells Fargo, you will need to make sure that you understand the banking procedure entirely as you will be processing cash and check transactions along with managing safe deposits and ATM processing duties.

If you would like to work as a teller or any other position at Wells Fargo, you may get an idea from the following resume example to write your effective resume.

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Sample Resume for Wells Fargo Teller Position

Catherine Hopkins
67 Cleveland Street, Brooklyn, NY 11989
(000) 897-5241


An accomplished individual with successful experience in performing teller services in a financial organization. Demonstrated competence in handling financial transactions following bank policies.

• Expanded new business portfolio by 200% within 15 months by employing exceptional people’s skills
• Resolved a particularly complex cash balancing problem by getting into the grind and saving the bank $10000 in lost cash
• Trained 17 tellers in 2 years to be deployed to the bank’s offshore branches
• Increased the number of valid leads for the bank’s new services by 70% by employing suggestive selling skills to existing clients

✔ Cashiering
✔ Customer Services
✔ In-house marketing
✔ Communication
✔ Relationship building
✔ Negotiation


Bank Teller
Bank of America, Brooklyn, NY 
June 2015 – Present
• Welcome clients and establish relationships with them in a bid to provide exceptional customer services
• Interact with clients in order to understand their banking and financial needs
• Provide clients with information on the latest products and services that they can gain from
• Assist clients in fulfilling their banking needs by directing them to concerned banking officials
• Create a list of potential clients leads and provide marketing/relationship managers with information on those leads
• Receive and process financial instruments such as checks and cash
• Ensure that there is enough cash in the cash drawer at the beginning of each shift
• Make sure that the cash drawer is tallied at the end of each shift
• Handle any discrepancies in cash on an immediate basis
• Create an end of the shift cash and client reports on a daily basis

Bank Teller Assistant
Trewberry Bank, Brooklyn, NY
Jan 2009 – Jun 2015
• Greeted clients and led them to the concerned bank official
• Provided information to clients about the bank’s services
• Assisted clients in filling out checks and counting cash
• Helped tellers at the cash drawer
• Assisted in balancing cash drawers and creating reconciliation reports

BS, Accounting and Finance

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