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Top 10 Homemaker Skills for Resume

Every resume for a homemaker position needs a skills section in it, as it helps the employer decide if you are ready to take responsibilities. Skilled people are always given special consideration – as opposed to those who may be competent but have not bothered to write it on their resumes. It is all a… Read More »

Homemaker Job Description and Duties for Resume

Homemaker Job Description Working in both a private capacity and with companies that provide home care services, homemakers offer general household management and housekeeping services to clients and facility residents. They are hired to manage an entire household or a care facility in terms of cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry, preparing meals and snacks, and… Read More »

Homemaker Resume Example

Resumes for a Homemaker position need to have something extra in terms of compassionate care and household management skills. Homemakers are famous personal service workers who work through placement companies and in a private capacity as well. When you are writing a resume for this position, you need to provide information akin to your knowledge… Read More »

Entry Level Homemaker Resume No Experience

In order to write a good resume for an entry-level or mid-level homemaker position, you need to mention your communication skills, high level of service orientation, positive approach, and ability to multitask. Also, you will have to possess a valid driver’s license, and an insured vehicle or access to adequate transportation for the job –… Read More »