List of 40 Skills to Add to a Receptionist Resume

Updated August 17, 2021
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Making the skills section on a receptionist resume is as important as the experience and accomplishment sections. 

In order to build the right skills section, you need to mention only relevant abilities in bullet or tabular form.

In almost any front desk position, communication and interpersonal skills hold the most importance. 

This is because even if you are not working at a job that keeps you in direct contact with customers, you will be working with other people and it is essential for employers to know that you can work well with your peers.

The following are some skills that a receptionist is expected to possess (and can mention in a receptionist resume) when applying for this position.

Sample Skills Statements for Receptionist Resume

  1. Excellent communication skills aimed at providing exceptional tier-one service
  2. Knowledge of protocols governing telephone conversations
  3. Demonstrated ability to handle complex scheduling and appointment handling tasks
  4. Expert in using and maintaining office equipment including photocopier and fax
  5. Competent at public speaking and building public relations
  6. Track record of success providing administrative and clerical support to various departments
  7. Demonstrated proficiency in handling research and development activities
  8. In-depth knowledge of managing guest books and arranging meetings
  9. Able to prioritize work and handle office support tasks efficiently
  10. Self-motivated with keen time management and organizational skills
  11. Able to decipher problems and initiate workable solutions
  12. Exceptional accounting skills aimed at performing detailed accounting functions and providing accounting and payroll support
  13. Integrative learning skills targeted at incorporating different types of skills to achieve success
  14. Record of remaining tactful and diplomatic in order to stave off problematic situations
  15. Technology savvy with a great ability to handle company information in databases
  16. Track record of efficiently handling appointments scheduling duties by taking into account executives’ schedules and following up on reminders.
  17. Demonstrated expertise in responding to queries over the telephone and in-person using exceptional communication and information eliciting skills.
  18. Proficient in screening telephone calls to determine the nature and urgency of calls to ensure that executives’ time is not wasted needlessly.
  19. Competent at taking and relaying information by ensuring the accuracy of received messages.
  20. Hands-on experience in monitoring visitor access and maintaining security awareness to ensure that no unauthorized individuals set foot inside the office premises.
  21. Proven ability to maintain appointment diaries both in a manual form and electronically, by employing exceptional technological skills.
  22. Deep insight into handling clients’ problems by determining the cause of issues and offering viable solutions, within the parameters of company protocols.
  23. Adept at controlling inventory of supplies and creating and maintaining productive relationships with procurement officers to ensure delivery of supplies and equipment on time.
  24. Focused on maintaining the security of office premises and assets by following and controlling access through monitoring logbooks and issuing and recording visitor badges.
  25. Known for working efficiently in a team environment as well as independently
  26. Demonstrated ability to handle multiple phone lines and clerical tasks simultaneously.
  27. Documented success in providing tier-1 support to the company by actively servicing clients and visitors and prioritizing tasks.
  28. Competent at handling complicated filing systems and pulling required information in a time-efficient manner.
  29. Proficient in operating copiers, PABX and exchange systems, printers, and computers.
  30. Exceptionally talented in creating compelling office correspondence such as letters, memos, and presentations.
  31. Solid problem resolution acumen with a great ability to take initiative and aim for prompt solutions.
  32. Well-versed in managing booking and filing systems, monitoring security, and handling basic cashiering services.
  33. Able to service multiple telephone calls at one time and determining the authenticity of each call.
  34. Excellent skills in completing a variety of clerical duties, including setting up and maintaining records, disseminating information, and monitoring department deliverables.
  35. Adept at creating and handling executive schedules and providing clerical support to several departments in accordance with their varied needs.
  36. Computer: MS Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint
  37. Typing speed: 55 WPM with accuracy
  38. Exceptional proofreading and editing skills
  39. Effective decision-making skills
  40. Strong ability to multitask
Receptionist Core Skills
  • Communication
  • Multitasking
  • Prioritizing
  • Organization
  • Technical Skills
  • Interpersonal
  • Dependability
  • Problem Solving

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