Sample Resume Highlights for Receptionist

Updated on: August 19, 2018

Receptionists are found everywhere. This is a position that is particular to all businesses as the need for front desk management is of the utmost importance. People hire receptionists to ensure that all first tier communication and contact is managed professionally. They greet visitors as they enter the establishment, take phone calls, provide information about the company and its services and handle correspondence. They may also be required to perform data entry services depending on the individual setting that they are working for.

Being a receptionist and applying for a job as one takes a lot of mettle on the candidate’s part. Since a company’s first impression may be dependent on how a receptionist conducts him or herself, employers make sure that they screen candidates thoroughly before they hire them. For this reason, candidates applying for this job need to very precise when they are highlighting their skills. Let’s see what category these highlights may come under and how they may portray them:

Receptionist Resume Objective: It is important to highlight two or three skills here. You may say that you are looking for a position as a receptionist where you may use your keen organizational skills in order to manage front desk work effectively.

Receptionist Qualifications or Career Highlights: You will need to ensure that you mention a few qualifications that best describe your suitability for a receptionist’s position. This may include you pointing out that you possess hands-on experience in managing front desk work which may consist of taking phone calls and greeting visitors.

• Work Experience: What is the essential duty of a receptionist’s job? A good idea would be to mention that you welcome visitors, take phone calls and manage correspondence.

• Skills: By far the most important highlight of this position. A receptionist needs to possess excellent multitasking skills, exceptional communication skills and the ability to work with a diversity of people.

Highlighting your skills in a resume can bring you great success in the job application process. With employers being bombarded with resumes and cover letters, you don’t want yours to be confusing or not carry good information.