Cardiac Sonographer Cover Letter Sample

You are probably well aware that a cover letter is your means of introduction to the employer and it is a golden opportunity to convince them to consider your enclosed resume for the cardio-sonography position. What most candidates do not understand is that the time to create the desired impression on the reader is very limited. Employers are literally bombarded by job applications and a cover letter on average hardly gets a 15-20 seconds read.

How can you create a favorable impression on the employer in this limited time through a cover letter?

Here is the answer: By starting well. If the first line is catchy, the reader will continue reading. If the first line is disappointing or irrelevant, there goes your cover letter into the bin. Think of various things that you feel will capture the reader’s attention and then compile your opening sentences.


Cardiac Sonographer Cover Letter Sample


Claire Timothy

341 Gale Sq • Irving, TX 54322 • (009) 333- 2222 • claire @ email . com

September 17, 2014

Mr. Edward Wilson
HR Manager
Medixi Hospital
560 Mayfair Street
Irving, TX 54322


Dear Mr. Wilson:

I am following the simple rule of ‘acting diligently’ over the past 8 years to build a sound career in cardiac sonography. I strongly believe that my exceptional skills in conducting 2 dimensional diagnostic scans and carrying out dye based Doppler studies coupled with deep rooted knowledge of cardiovascular anatomy renders me the perfect candidate of cardiac sonographer position.

My qualifications correspond perfectly with your job description:

✔ Demonstrated skills in adapting standard sonography procedures to cater for the diagnostic needs as requested by the consultant.
✔ Proficient in producing complex echo-sonographic studies.
✔ Adept at maintaining medical and diagnostic records for all studies conducted.
✔ Expert in using electrocardiographic techniques with children and adult patients and drawing the requested image shots from the studies.

Furthermore, I have a lot of sonography related achievements to my credit and have earned a reputation of identifying inefficient procedures and restructuring them to enhance the validity of resultant diagnosis.

I can’t wait to meet you and your team to discuss how my skillset will be effective for sonography department at Medixi Hospital. Please feel free to call me on the above mentioned numbers to communicate an interview date and time. I will also follow-up before the weekend.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sincere regards,


Claire Timothy

Attachment: Resume

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