Salon Receptionist Skills for Resume

Updated on: April 30, 2021

Any job that provides the first point of contact with customers is essential. Working as a Salon Receptionist is one of such jobs.

Since these professionals offer tier-one services to customers arriving at a salon, they need to possess a particular type of personality that will make them perfect for the job.

Salon receptionists need to smile all the time. The ability to make customers feel at home is a salon receptionist’s first and foremost duty. The ability to manage administrative tasks such as schedule appointments and making phone calls comes next.

They need to be able to enjoy being around people as they meet new people all day long. Product and service knowledge is an absolute must, and the ability to handle cash is critical as they double-work as cashiers too.

Salon receptionists may also be expected to maintain and uphold safety standards by identifying and correcting conditions that may affect the salon’s safety.

Also, they need to be able to practice sound judgment and be able to multitask. Some salons prefer that their receptionists are trained in providing basic salon treatments so that they can be used as substitutes in the event of staff shortage.

The following list of skills that a salon receptionist should possess may provide you with a better idea of what to write in the bullet statements of a salon receptionist resume:

Salon Receptionist Skills Statements for Resume

• Highly skilled in maintaining front desk tasks, answering phones, booking appointments, and handling cash drawer
• Comprehensive knowledge of keeping client records and computerized data
• Well versed in greeting customers in a friendly and welcoming manner
• Able to maintain a clean and organized salon environment
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Demonstrated ability to replenish retail products and assist in inventory processes
• Ability to listen actively and speak effectively
• Profound social perceptiveness
• Proven ability to resolve problems and handle very angry customers
• Able to up-sell and stay on feet throughout the day
• Computer – MS Office Applications