Top 13 Event Planner Resume Objective Examples

Updated May 11, 2022
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Event planning not only includes planning parties but also includes meetings and conventions on a professional corporate level.

Event planners also plan and organize social events.

It does not matter what kind of an event it is, event planners need to perform a lot of work to bring together just the perfect event.

If you are looking for a job as an event planner, you will need to craft a resume starting with a compelling objective statement.

In the objective statement, you have to depict knowledge, skills, and experience in creating successful events.

Here are some targeted event planner resume objectives for your guidance.

13 Sample Objectives for Event Planner Resume

1. Passionate and results-driven event planner poised to contribute to ABC Company. Bringing 7+ years’ successful event planning experience to manage multiple events under tight time schedules. Strong team player with a positive and enthusiastic attitude.

2. To obtain a position as an Event Planner at ABC Company. Leveraging a strong skill set in event planning and experience in handling high-level engagements to organize perfect events. Able to outperform in a fast-paced, time-demanding, and sensitive environment.

3. Looking for a job as an Event Planner at Nirvana Events where multi-dimensional event planning experience and excellent organizational skills will be utilized to organize perfect corporate events.

4. To work for Virginia Tech as an event planner, utilizing extensive skills and capabilities in liaising, budgeting, and coordinating to organize memorable events.

5. Looking for an Event Planner position with Eventz. Offering excellent time management skills, flexibility, and resourcefulness to organize top-quality events.

6. Looking forward to contributing to ABC Company in the capacity of an Event Planner. Bringing careful planning and effective budgeting skills to organize a wide range of successful events.

7. Seeking a position as an Event Planner for E-Vents where I will be able to apply my exceptional communication and liaison skills to plan and execute corporate and social events.

8. Event Planner with a successful track record of event planning, knowledge of event-related policies, as well as organizational skills. Excited to plan and organize massively successful and memorable events for ABC Company.

Corporate Event Planner Objective Examples

9. Creative and successful Event Planner poised to work for ABC Company. Leveraging a track record of planning, leading, and executing a wide range of corporate events to highlight the company’s presence at large corporate trade shows and conferences.

10. A passionate Event Planner, jack of all trades, eager to work for XYZ Company. Bringing skills in creating programs to convey the purpose and message of the organization that they are working for. For them to be able to do this, they work all odd hours of the day and are generally jacks of all trades.

11. To contribute to ABC Company as an Event Planner. Taking full responsibility for managing corporate events by leveraging skills in managing budgets and measuring event metrics. Able to see the impact of events and ensure delivery to the target.

Simple Objectives for Event Planner Resume

12. Seeking an Event Planner position at Nirvana Events. Eager to plan and coordinate every detail that leads up to a successful event.

13. Looking for an event planner career at AA Company. Offring excellent event management, as well as interpersonal and organizational skills to arrange successful events.