Event Planner Summary / Profiles for Resume

Updated on: October 19, 2015


Summing up all that you have written in a resume is imperative and it can only be done through a resume profile or summary. Why is it important? Imagine yourself in a situation where you have to read dozens of resumes in a day. Wouldn’t you want to read one that boasts of a couple of lines that say it all, so that you don’t really need to read what the rest of the resume says? While we are not implying that all employers don’t bother reading entire resumes, many actually don’t. And since you never know if the person looking through your resume is going to give it due credit, it is good to be cautious by writing a summary which is complete in essence.

Professional summaries or profiles need to be written following much care. These 3 or 4 lines can make or break your career. So write them with precision and articulation and you will be a champ! Coming to how summaries or profiles need to be written, there is just one thing that you need to keep in mind and everything else will fall into place. And that is appropriate information. Writing appropriate information is important to increase the efficacy of the summary statement.

Event Planner Summary / Profiles for Resume

• Self-motivated and creative individual with 8+ years’ hands-on experience in planning, designing and producing events by managing all project delivery elements within specified time limits. Adept at liaising with clients to identify their event management needs and providing them with as close as possible solutions.

• Creative and versatile event planner with 14+ years’ track record of creating and implementing plans for successful events, including weddings, seminars and business conferences. Proven ability to conduct correlating market research to gather relevant information and negotiate contracts effectively.

• Versatile, competent and artistic event planner with vast experience in organizing and managing event details such as décor, catering, entertainment and transportation. Well-versed in handling promotional details for events such as trade fairs, exhibitions and concerts.

• An imaginative event planner who is well-motivated and able to work on own initiative. Proven ability to research markets to identify opportunities for events, liaising with clients to determine precise event requirements and producing detailed proposals accordingly.

• Enthusiastic, proactive individual who always strives to create innovative plans to meet clients’ event management needs. Demonstrated expertise in handling minute details of events efficiently, including timelines, venues, suppliers, procurement, legal obligations and staffing needs.