A chef prepares a wide variety of food and manages food stock and kitchen operations at the employer’s place including a hotel or restaurant. S/he must be a very good cook – although a chef might not required to do the cooking. The word comes from the French chef which means, literally, “chief”.

The responsibility of a chef is to manage the whole process of food service. S/he plan the menu, purchase everything that comes into the kitchen, and hire and train culinary staff.

If you want a job as a chef, you must have great organizational skills and be creative. You should also have good people skills: first you must hold the team together, and then, when a customer asks to see you and supposing he isn’t happy, you have to make him happy!

The qualification you need is really a four year university degree, but people also get by with taking courses at community colleges, or cooking or technical schools. These all involve nutrition, food storage, and inventory.

You’ll also have to learn how to give banquets, how to maintain kitchen equipment, and the biggest thing – cutlery placement!

So your resume, and the objective statement in it, has to reflect all this. Let’s see:

Chef Resume Objective Examples

■ Seeking a position as a Chef with the Hilton utilizing my culinary and organizational skills to add to the taste definition of the hotel.

■ Looking for a position as a Chef with Charlie’s Resort where I can make use of my food management skills and knowledge of guest services to make an excellent dine experience.

■ A challenging position as Head Chef at the Bath Luxury Hotel, where I can contribute to its development using my gastronomic knowledge and organizational skills.

■ To obtain a challenging position of Chef with the Toronto Inn where superior culinary knowledge and management skills will help contribute to the hotel’s kitchen services extensively.

■ To work for Belham Hotel as a Chef utilizing expertise in a diverse range of food preparation to contribute to the hotel’s long-term skills.