15 Event Manager Resume Objective Examples

Updated: February 11, 2023

An events manager is responsible for managing all aspects of an event including invitations, venue, catering, music, and even hotel arrangements for guests.

Events managers are responsible for overseeing all components of the event that they are managing. It is backbreaking work which is why a candidate chosen for this position may be scrutinized for suitability.

Even though this position requires an individual to delegate most responsibilities, it is quite a job to manage and coordinate everything just perfectly.

If you are applying for a job in this category, you may need a little more than a traditional resume.

While most information in resumes is standard, the resume objective needs to possess individuality.

Here are a few examples of resume objectives for people working as special events professionals:

Sample Objectives for Event Manager Resume

1. Highly energetic and proactive event manager with 8 years track record of handling and planning all facets of large family and cooperate events. Seeking a similar position with a firm that could benefit from my skills and work acumen.

2. Enthusiastic, customer service-oriented, and organized event manager with strong negotiation and budgeting skills. Eager to organize events for ABC Company from the phase of conceptualization to fruition.

3. Seasoned and resourceful event manager seeking a challenging role with [Company Name]. Bringing 6 years of first-hand experience in managing, planning, and delivering event management services customized and tailored as per the client’s preferences.

4. Highly creative and adaptable corporate event planner with 3 years of hands-on experience in providing event planning services for various commercial and personal events, desirous of a similar role with [Company Name].

5. Industrious and professional event manager well versed in planning and organizing events. Seeking work with a firm that can benefit from my skills and expertise.

6. Methodical event manager with a successful track record of meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations, looking for a challenging role with Winter Park Resort.

7. Committed and innovative event manager with a verifiable track record of success in understanding customers’ needs and catering to the same. Proficient in maintaining productive client and vendor relationships.

8. Customer service-oriented and seasoned event manager with 5+ years of experience in making transport arrangements, accommodation, and logistics of large and small events. Seeking to join XYZ Company in a similar capacity.

9. Self-motivated and outgoing event manager with strong organizational skills and a profound ability to develop and implement timelines. Seeking an opportunity to use my event management talents productively at [Company Name]

10. Networking Savvy Events Manager with Dave & Buster’s, utilizing my extensive experience in concept, coordination, control, culmination, and closeout of events by using customer service and a sales-oriented approach. Ability to meet deadlines.

11. Looking for a position as a Special Events Director with Events R Us, utilizing my exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills to plan diverse and highly engaging events.

12. Seeking a position as an Event Manager with Nirvana Events where I can put my six years of experience in coordinating activities and orchestrating the perfect event.

13. Looking for a position as an Event Manager at JWD Events Management utilizing my skills in budgeting, negotiation, and liaison activities in a highly stimulating environment.

14. To work for Acme Events as a Special Events Manager, using my ability to arrange customer service-oriented events by applying strategic and effectual ideas.

15. To obtain an Events Manager position with Events Three Sixty. Offering innovative ideas and strategic marketing plans to organize an array of successful events.


How to write a great objective for your event manager resume?

Here are some tips that will help you in writing a strong resume objective:

1. Draft your resume objective by writing 2-3 of your competencies that are in line with the job description provided by the recruiter.

2. Mention the number of years of experience in hand.

3. Write your resume objective in an employer-centered manner by focusing on the value you can add.