16 Event Planner Achievements for Resume

Updated: January 20, 2023
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An accomplished event planner gets many more chances to achieve success.

When clients look for an event planner, they see what the planner has done in the past.

This is why when you apply for an event planner job, you should effectively highlight your past achievements.

This will let the hiring manager know that you can replicate your successes for their organization, as well as you have done for yours.

Writing an event planner achievement statement is not too difficult, especially if you have kept a record of your successes.

These could include the time when you planned and executed an event independently, which was a huge success with the client.

You could also mention a time when you trained many people to plan a huge event, as part of their induction period, or ongoing training process.

Anything that you have done in an event planner role, which has had a significant positive effect on a client is an achievement.

Some achievement statements specific to the role of an event planner are provided here for reference purposes:

16 Achievements and Accomplishments for Event Planner Resume

1. Successfully planned and implemented details of 2 birthday parties at the same time.

2. Simultaneously handled 3 events on the same day, without any issues in any of them.

3. Planned and executed over 100 corporate events within one year.

4. Received the prestigious “Great Planner Award” for excellent corporate event planning.

5. Planned 13 weddings within provided budgets, saving the clients an average of 20% from the overall cost of each event.

6. Trained 50+ event coordinators in handling event planning and implementation work, as part of their induction period.

7. Organized a product launch party, which was attended by 1500+ guests.

8. Singlehandedly organized 120+ fundraisers, generating up to $3-million, which surpassed the required funds by 50%.

9. Successfully maintained and updated the database of volunteers and donors, making it 50% easier to reach out for specific events.

10. Introduced the concept of social media outreach for 6 events, as a result, increased attendance by 30%.

11. Received accolades for planning and implementing a red-carpet event for a major blockbuster Hollywood movie.

12. Reduced problems associated with invitations, by effectively implementing well-placed outreach avenues.

13. Implemented corporate event planning remotely, for an overseas project.

14. Identified alternative event venue selection solutions, reducing per-event cost by $6000.

15. Kept simultaneous projects on schedule, during a particularly busy season.

16. Introduced a unique communication system, increasing event managers’ ability to communicate effectively.

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