Live-in Nanny Skills List for Resume

Updated on: September 1, 2020
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There are many types of skills a live-in nanny can mention in her resume. Such as:

Soft Skills 

• Communication and interpersonal abilities
• Teamwork and leadership
• Problem-solving acumen
• Time management

Hard Skills

• Knowledge of childhood education
• Ability to show  empathy
• Food preparation for infants and toddlers
• Ability to provide physical and mental stimulation

But simply writing these words will barely impress the recruiter. While you may have all these skills (and more), you will need to present them in phrases.

Here is a list of skills that you can put on your live-in nanny resume:

Sample Skills for Live In Nanny Resume

  • Comprehensive knowledge of early childhood education
  • Special focus on providing physical and cognitive stimulation
  • Physically able to handle a high demanding job involving young children
  • Intense motivation to provide children with the education to nurture their individual personalities
  • Able to develop and implement age-appropriate activities
  • Ability to help children with homework
  • Adept at disciplining children in accordance with the methods described specifically by parents
  • Skilled at preparing nutritious foods for children according to their ages and specific nutritional needs
  • Functional ability to handle children with special needs
  • Great insight into managing adverse situations and emergencies
  • A dynamic approach to managing children of different ages, background, and cultures
  • Special focus on developing children’s’ personalities for social integration
  • Able to assist in the mental and physical development of children by teaching basic social and cognitive skills
  • Track record of creating a safe, caring, nurturing and stimulating environment for children, designed to assist them in developing and thriving physically and emotionally
  • Proficient in cleaning rooms, performing laundry, and running errands
  • Current driver’s license with the ability to drop and pick children to and from school
  • Able to care for pets and lawn
  • Eager to develop and maintain an effective relationship with families
  • Computer: MS Word and Excel, Email, Internet