EVS Cleaner Job Description for Resume

Updated on: October 21, 2018

EVS Cleaner Job Description

EVS cleaners, or environmental services cleaners are usually hired to keep public spaces clean and sanitized.

Their primary work is to ensure that all assigned areas are appropriately dusted, swept, and mopped and that no residue of any kind is left behind.

In addition to this, they perform a vast array of duties about trash removal and disposal.

Position Requirements

A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is usually sufficient to work as an EVS cleaner. However, previous experience in a cleaning and sanitation capacity can go a long way in making it easy for you to obtain a job.

Apart from the fact that EVS cleaners need to possess exceptional skills in cleaning and sanitizing different types of surfaces, they need to be physically active and skillful.

Besides, people hoping to work in this position must be able to use complex machines and tools that are specific to the trade.

As an EVS cleaner, you will be using a wide range of toxic cleaning chemicals. As a matter of fact, exposure to these materials can be hazardous to cleaners and the public at large, so one has to understand and appreciate the hazards attached to it.

If this is the work that is on your career graph, then have a look at the following list of EVS cleaner duties:

EVS Cleaner Job Description for Resume

• Assess assigned areas in order to determine the need and expense of cleaning and sanitization.

• Order cleaning and sanitization equipment, tools, and materials, and acquire them prior to beginning work.

• Sweep assigned areas to get rid of dirt, and use mops to ensure that dust settles down properly.

• Mix the right amounts of chemicals, and use them on surfaces to sanitize them according to instructions.

• Ensure the cleanliness of furniture and fixtures such as waiting chairs and lights.

• Inspect assigned areas to determine the need for repairs and maintenance

• Inform maintenance crew about any identified issues.

• Collect trash from ashtrays and garbage cans

• Dispose of waste according to protocols.

• Adequately line bins with biodegradable liners, and remove and replace them on a regular basis.

• Perform disinfecting procedures on equipment and surfaces

• Remove soiled or contaminated supplies.

• Create and maintain the inventory of supplies and equipment.

• Communicate low stock situations to the procurement manager.

• Follow all health and safety regulations

• Perform preventative maintenance on cleaning equipment.

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