Nanny Resume Qualifications and Skills

In a resume or CV for a nanny position, skills and qualifications section holds the utmost importance because it determines your eligibility for the job.

This section also called as strengths, capabilities, or professional profile.

Your skills and qualifications statements should be brief bullet points about what you can do.

Mention information of your past experience and education, while keeping the needs of the prospective employer in mind.

The following are some nanny skills and qualifications statements to help you build an effective resume.

You may add these statements either in skills or qualifications section and keep this part on the top of your resume. Pick 5 or 6 bullet points which are most relevant to employer’s requirements.


Qualifications and Skills for Nanny Resume 

• Track record of providing compassionate care to newborns, toddlers, and young adults.

• Well-versed in preparing formulas for babies and caring for feeding utensils.

• Hands-on experience in all aspects of meals and snacks prepared for the children.

• Highly skilled in washing and ironing children’s clothes and dressing them appropriate to the activity.

• Competent at shopping for children’s requirements.

• Proven record of transporting children to school and other activities.

• Able to arrange appropriate educational and physical activities for children.

• Documented success in reading to and with the children and helping with homework.

• Effective housekeeping and errands running abilities.

• Excellent skills in planning and supervising meals for children.

• Able to change diapers and bathe babies.

• Talented in scheduling and coordinating children’s activities.

• Proven ability to clean and wash dining area after children’s meals.

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

• Dedicated and careful—high level of accuracy and attention to detail.

• Fluent in English and Spanish.

• Skilled in MS Word and Excel.

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