Order Picker Cover Letter Sample & Writing Guide

Updated on: October 6, 2023

A well-crafted cover letter can make all the difference when applying for an order picker position. It serves as your introduction to potential employers, giving you the opportunity to showcase your skills, experiences, and enthusiasm for the role.

In this guide, we will provide you with a sample cover letter and valuable tips on how to create a professional and compelling cover letter that will make you stand out among other candidates.

Whether you’re an experienced order picker or just starting your career in the field, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Order Picker Cover Letter Example

John Anderson
[email protected]

October 6, 2023

Ms. Sara Smith,
Hiring Manager
ABC Company
7 W. Main Blvd. Suite 76
Grove City, OH 21410

Re: Order Picker Position

Dear Ms. Smith:

As an energetic Order Picker, I am writing to express my interest in the Order Picker position at your company. With [X] years of experience in order picking and a strong work ethic, I believe I would be a valuable addition to your team.

In my previous role at ABC Company, I honed my skills in order picking, inventory management, and maintaining a clean and organized work area. I am adept at operating various equipment, including pallet jacks and forklifts, to efficiently pick up and fulfill customer orders. Accuracy and attention to detail are paramount in the order-picking process, and I take pride in ensuring that every order is picked up correctly and delivered on time.

Additionally, I have a proven track record of working well in a fast-paced warehouse environment. I am physically fit, with the stamina to handle the demands of the job, and I am accustomed to meeting strict deadlines while maintaining a high level of accuracy. I am also comfortable working independently or as part of a team, and I understand the importance of effective communication and collaboration to ensure smooth operations.

I am confident that my skills and experience make me a strong candidate for the Order Picker position. I am eager to contribute to your team and help your company achieve its goals. Thank you for considering my application.


John Anderson

Order Picker Cover Letter Sample Header

How to Write a Professional Cover Letter for an Order Picker Position?

Writing a professional cover letter for an order picker position requires careful attention to detail and a focus on showcasing your relevant skills and experiences. Here are some steps to follow when crafting your cover letter:

1. Format your cover letter properly:
Begin by including your contact information at the top of the page, followed by the date and the employer’s contact information. Use a professional font and format your letter with clear paragraphs and spacing.

2. Address the hiring manager:
If possible, find out the name of the hiring manager or the person responsible for recruiting for the order picker position. Address your letter directly to them. If you don’t have a specific name, use a generic salutation such as “Dear Hiring Manager” or “To Whom It May Concern.”

3. Introduce yourself and state your purpose:
In the opening paragraph, state the position you are applying for and briefly introduce yourself. Mention how you came across the job opening or any personal connection you may have with the company.

4. Highlight your relevant experience:
In the body paragraphs, focus on your previous experience as an order picker or any related positions. Discuss your responsibilities and achievements, emphasizing skills such as inventory management, operating equipment, and maintaining accuracy and efficiency. Use specific examples to demonstrate your abilities.

5. Match your skills to the job requirements:
Review the order picker job description and identify the key skills and qualifications the employer is seeking. Highlight those skills in your cover letter and explain how your experiences align with the job requirements. This will show the employer that you understand the position and are a suitable candidate.

6. Show enthusiasm and fit:
Express your enthusiasm for the order picker position and the company. Discuss why you are interested in the role and how your skills and work ethic align with the company’s values. Demonstrating a genuine interest in the company can make a positive impression on the employer.

7. Conclude professionally:
In the closing paragraph, reiterate your interest in the position and express your willingness to further discuss your qualifications in an interview. Thank the employer for considering your application and provide your contact information for their convenience.

8. Proofread and edit:
Before submitting your order picker cover letter, carefully proofread it for grammar and spelling errors. You can also consider having a friend or professional review it to ensure clarity and coherence.

Remember, the key to writing a professional cover letter for an order picker position is to tailor it to the specific requirements of the job and to showcase your relevant skills and experiences.


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