A cover letter is a one page document commonly required to be included with order picker resume and job application. This letter introduces your past experiences and skills relevant to order picking. We recommend to make it only one page in length and target to the requirements of employer.

To assist with writing an order picker cover letter, review the job posting for position information and requirements. When employers ask for a cover letter, they are most concerned in your writing capability. For that reason, spell-check, proofread, and have the reviewed your document by a trusted friend or professional to minimize grammar and spelling errors.

The following example will give you a good start.


Order Picker Cover Letter Sample


54 Example Street
Solon, OH 23333

December 26, 2015

Ms. Sara Smith,
Department of Human Resources
7 W. Main Blvd. Suite 76
Grove City, OH 21410

Re: Order Picker (Job ID: IRC2585)

Dear Ms. Smith:

My outstanding physical capabilities and working knowledge of pallet jack coupled with one year of experience in warehouse setting makes me a good contender for Order Picker position at Acloche.

My experiences with ABC Company has allowed me to develop several professional skills which are highly relevant to your requirements:

– Maintaining quality and cleanliness of the work area and equipment
– Replenishing active pick locations to make sure pick tickets are filled complete
– Operating forklift and other power equipment to transfer inventory stock pallets
– Picking customer orders from inventory stock
– Counting cartons or containers so as to crosscheck customer orders, and validating accurateness

Besides, I have good customer service skills and high attention to detail. My enclosed resume contains more details about my qualifications and skills which are suitable to order picker job.

I would welcome the opportunity to talk more regarding my interest in Acloche and how I can be an asset for you in the role of an order picker. I will follow-up with you by telephone the week of January 5 to address any questions regarding my application. In the meantime, please feel free to contact me at 000.323.2125.

Thank you for taking out the time and considering my application for the order picker position.



John Anderson

Enc. Resume