Nanny Self-Introduction Letter Sample

Updated February 22, 2022
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A self-introduction letter can be a great way of introducing yourself to a prospective employer. 

In essence, a self-introduction letter serves as a nanny cover letter.

In many cases, self-introduction letters are sent along with reference letters so that the prospective employer can gauge how fit the individual is for a nanny position.

Remember that the position of a nanny is highly sensitive.

Therefore, you need to work hard to convince a prospective employer that you are well qualified for it.

Here is an example to guide you:

Sample Self-Introduction Letter for Nanny Position

Samantha Kasem
(000) 854-9596
[email protected]

February 22, 2022

Ms. Georgina Miles
888 Peters Street
Syracuse, NY 62736

Dear Ms. Miles:

I am writing to introduce myself as a driven and compassionate Nanny who has exceptional communication and childcare skills. Owing to my extensive childcare and housekeeping experiences, I can effectively take care of your children and household.

As a creative and energetic individual, I worked with many young children and enjoyed engaging them in creative, imaginative, and outdoor activities. Moreover, I have a track record of arranging fun activities, overseeing the children’s development, and assisting them with their homework.

Additionally, I am able to care for children throughout the day, including educational play, meal preparation, trips to the park and library, and other activities that would develop and educate them. I am comfortable playing with the children, reading them books, and focusing on them completely.

My employers recognized me as a calm, resourceful, and proactive nanny who is able to take charge and make decisions based on the requirements of parents.

My childcare skills, coupled with my positive attitude and friendly nature, will help me excel in a nanny role. I would love the opportunity to meet with you and your family in the near future.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


Samantha Kasem

Final Thought

Self-introduction letters for nanny positions are tricky to write because of the fact that they may create the impression of self-praise. However, if they are carefully written, this may not be the case.