Nanny Letter of Interest Sample and Writing Guide

Updated on: December 18, 2021

A letter of interest or a prospecting letter for a nanny position is usually written when a nanny job is not advertised, but an applicant wishes to work for a specific company.

The purpose of writing a letter of interest is to show a prospective employer that you are “interested” in working for him or her and would like to be informed if there are any opportunities now or in the future.

By writing a nanny letter of interest, you achieve one of two things:

  1. You either find out about a job opportunity that wasn’t made public.
  2. You provide a prospective employer with information on your availability so that he can consider you when an opportunity does arise.

In this way, the applicant’s resume and letter of interest are filed for reference purposes and are picked up as first priority at a time when there is a job opening to fill.

When you write a letter of interest, keep in mind that the employer isn’t hiring just yet, and it will take a lot to convince him or her to keep your application on record for further reference.

Write the letter with care and consideration, detailing your abilities and skills. 

The following example will show you how it can be done:

Sample Letter of Interest for Nanny Position

Nancy Fredrickson
362 West Ave
Norristown, PA 20110
(000) 632-8542
Nancy @ email . com

December 18, 2021

Mr. Sam Neil
Hiring Manager
ABC Company
445 E Airey Street
Norristown, PA 79002

Dear Mr. Neil:

I am writing to inquire about a possible nanny position at ABC Company. Owing to my exceptional skills in providing complete care for children, and handling household chores, I can contribute significantly to achieving the targets of ABC Company.

Below are some of the many qualifications that I offer as a nanny:

  1. Demonstrated ability to create a stimulating, nurturing, and safe environment for children.
  2. Hands-on experience in planning and preparing nutritious meals for children according to their tastes and nutritional needs.
  3. Exceptionally well-versed in performing housework related to childcare, including washing clothes, cleaning up after meals, and tidying up play areas.
  4. Competent in planning and leading educational activities, such as reading and assisting with homework.

Not to mention, I am a compassionate and dependable nanny who knows how to discipline children while remaining approachable and friendly. 

I would appreciate it if you retain my application for any current or future considerations. If you require any further information, please feel free to call me at (000) 632-8542.

Thank you very much for your time.


Nancy Fredrickson

Attachments: Resume and Reference Letters

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