Kitchen Manager Resume Sample

Updated December 18, 2017

One trick to pique the interest of employer through your resume is to use keywords. These are the words that the hiring manager has very carefully chosen and written in the job advertisement.

So if you use these same keywords in your resume, the hiring manager will automatically assume that you’re the best person for the job.

Take a look at this resume sample for a kitchen manager position.



Kitchen Manager Resume Example



Manfred Robinson

843 Quince Street ● Mendota, CA 93640 ● (000) 966-8541 ● mrobinson @ email . com


Uniquely qualified Kitchen Manager with 13+ years’ progressively responsible experience in managing kitchen operations. Strong background in providing excellent customer service while ensuring that all food is prepared in accordance with the restaurant’s standards. Documented success in maintaining food quality standards.
Consistently exceeded employers’ expectations and increased profits. Aggressive leader and excellent communicator with a demonstrated ability to perform well in a fast paced environment.


• Food Quality Standards • Equipment Maintenance • Cost Control
• Complaint Handling • Complaints Handling • Food Safety and Hygiene
• Kitchen Sanitation • Waste Minimization • Menu Planning
• Inventory Regulation • Health and Safety Standards • Staff Management

• Successfully implemented a new system of taking inventory, increasing efficiency by 25%.
• Implemented staff training to organize kitchen activities, which resulted in an increase of 56% in kitchen competence and decreased food preparation time by 32%.
• Effectively trained service staff to improve service, cutting down customer complaints by 35%.
• Organized regular staff training to renew their knowledge of federal and state food handling regulations.


REGINA’S, Mendota, CA (6/2012 to Present)
Kitchen Manager
• Manage kitchen staff to ensure they perform their daily duties as well as any special work given to them.
• Maintain standards set by the franchise for all prepared food, making sure it is served at the right temperature.
• Handle complaints made by guests about food or service, showing seriousness and solving the problem in an expeditious way.
• Supervise kitchen inventory to make certain that all needed products and produce are either in stock or ordered fresh every day.
• Guarantee that the kitchen and all related areas are kept clean and sanitized at all times.
• Plan, delegate, organize and coordinate each kitchen staff member’s activities for the day, and see to it that kitchen goals are met.

CITY HOSPITALITY, Mendota, CA (8/2008 to 6/2012)
Kitchen Manager
• Maintained all kitchen equipment in top order, making sure that new equipment was ordered whenever needed.
• Oversaw service in the restaurant, making certain all staff service was of top quality.
• Managed staff to ascertain that they follow all federal and state food safety and hygiene regulations.
• Planned menus according to set food plans, following franchise rules and regulations.
• Acted as contact for all matters pertaining to kitchen.

BREAKFAST INN, Mendota, CA (1/2003 to 8/2008)
Assistant Kitchen Manager
• Supervised kitchen staff to make certain it was kept clean and sanitized.
• Provided help in supervising inventory to ascertain that all needed products and produce were available at all times.
• Organized and delegated each kitchen staff member’s activities for the day.
• Oversaw all kitchen activities to make sure they complied with federal and state regulations.
• Assisted in planning every day’s menu, according to franchise food plans.

Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Management
Major: Culinary Arts