2 Kitchen Assistant Cover Letter Samples

Updated on: January 30, 2021

Kitchen assistants are an important part of the support staff in a kitchen as they are capable of managing minute details that will otherwise be left out.

They assist in almost all aspects of the running of a kitchen which may include assisting in cooking and cleaning and preparing food by following recipes.

Kitchen assistants need to be able to follow recipes correctly as they are instrumental in providing excellence in culinary services. A candidate for this position will usually be hired if he has a natural flair for food management.

If you are looking for this job, you may need to write a good cover letter to complement your kitchen assistant resume.

Kitchen Assistant Cover Letter Sample 1

890-1 South Street
Hanover, PA 99000
Cellular: (999) 123-4567

January 30, 2021

Mr. Eddy Jarvis
Manager Human Resources
Crabs’ Hub
78 Anns Choice Way
Hanover, PA 88939

Dear Mr. Jarvis:

I stumbled upon your advertisement for the position of Kitchen Assistant at Crabs’ Hub when I was looking through a multitude of ads that may suit my experience. I see that you are looking for a person who possesses considerable experience working in busy kitchens and I feel confident that I am a perfect match.

Particularly, I am highly skilled in:

✓ Providing assistance with the preparation of food
✓ Preparing kitchen and materials
✓ Serving prepared foods
✓ Delivering exceptional customer service
✓ Cleaning dishes and maintaining sanitation in the kitchen
✓ Packing, labeling, organizing, and storing leftover food

With my strong organizational insight and the courage to get perfection, I ensure that all orders are according to the recipes – both in quantity and quality. I am familiar with all equipment and utensils used in a kitchen environment and am capable of assisting at the front end when needed.

Eventually, I would want to pursue my career in a higher responsibility role – I understand that to achieve that, I first need to prove my abilities in all kinds of kitchen assistance tasks. I would appreciate a chance to demonstrate my qualifications further in an interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Cleo Harris

Kitchen Assistant Cover Letter Sample 2

Kyle Bryon
314 Everest Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 67003
(006) 333-2222
kyle @ email . com

January 30, 2021

Mr. Barney Guilford
HR Manager
Fine Dining
4500 Rainbow Sq
Brooklyn, NY 67003

Dear Mr. Guilford:

With competencies in prep work assistance, new recipe development, and work area maintenance, I offer my services to Fine Dining as a Kitchen Assistant. If selected, I will bring an extreme energy and motivation blended with a passion for cooking.

After obtaining an associate’s in culinary arts, I attended a diploma course on personnel management and leadership, which is bound to support me further in this role.

I am fully knowledgeable of state-issued hygiene standards of commercial kitchens. Additionally, I am well versed in handling all types of kitchen equipment, storing leftover raw material, and cooked food appropriately. Moreover, I possess a knack for proactively anticipating the chef’s needs during cooking and handling things accordingly.

An interview with you would enable me to demonstrate further how my qualifications would be a fruitful addition to your newly set up outlet in Brooklyn. I will follow up with your secretary by the end of this week. In case you feel the need to schedule an interview, I’ll be reachable at (006) 521-8544.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kyle Bryon