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Updated October 28, 2022

Working in the human resource department of an organization means many things, including having to correspond with employees in many different ways.

It’s no wonder that human resource managers and officers have a goldmine of letter and memo samples that they pick out and use when the situation demands it.

One such instance is when handing over an employee’s last paycheck.

One does not simply hand in a paycheck to a departing employee – one also includes a letter with it.

What does the final paycheck letter say?

Well, that depends on what the organization in question wants to convey to an employee who will no longer be working with them.

Usually, it is just a courtesy letter outlining how much the check is worth, and the fact that the company is now “clear” with the employee as far as financial matters are concerned.

In order to write a final paycheck letter, you do not really need much expertise.

However, if you do know how to handle professional correspondence, writing one will not be an issue.

This type of letter is just a statement of facts regarding the money owed to an employee by the company and may be considered a professional nicety.

Mostly, a letter of this sort is written in a standard manner, with little or no personal touch. Want to look at an example? Here is one:

Sample Final Paycheck Letter to Employee

October 28, 2022

Ms. Polly Logan
Communications Manager
Harold Inc.
2525 Tandy Drive
Somerset, KY 45021

Dear Ms. Logan:

As promised at your exit interview, please find your last paycheck from Harold Inc enclosed with this letter.

The following are the details of the check:

Last salary: $5900
Yearly bonus: $490
Employee fund accumulated as of October 28, 2022: $4500
Total check amount: $13890

If you feel that there is some discrepancy in the calculation of these amounts, please refer your queries to Ms. Amanda Tyson (Human Resources Officer) and she will help with the issue.

Please sign the enclosed receipt and return it to the human resource department as soon as possible. You may retain a copy for your records. We will keep your records with us in case a consultant opportunity arises and will contact you to see if you are interested in joining us part-time.

We at Harold Inc. would like to thank you for your services in the past 10 years and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.


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Elizabeth Slander

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