17 Kitchen Manager Achievements for Resume

Updated on: August 7, 2023

The kitchen manager is an important position that requires exceptional organization and communication skills. If you are applying for a kitchen manager position make sure you add some achievements to your resume.

Achievements are short statements that showcase what you have been accomplishing in the same role previously.

When hiring a kitchen manager, employers are looking for some specific competencies and skills depending on the type of kitchen. If you add an achievements section aligned with the needs of the employer, the employer will automatically take more interest in your resume.

The following tips will help you write excellent achievements for your kitchen manager resume.

  1. Communicate briefly the difference you made at your previous workplace.
  2. Mention any increase in sales, decrease in cost, or revenue generation that was brought about by you.
  3. Write your accomplishments by using an active voice.
  4. If you have any awards or appreciation certificates to your credit, mention those in your accomplishments as well.

Here are 17 Achievements for a kitchen manager resume for further guidance.

Sample Accomplishments for Kitchen Manager Resume

  1. Reorganized and updated the workstations to reduce human effort by 20% and ensure swift processing of orders.
  2. Revamped the menu and recipes resulting in 100% positive reviews on social media and a 30% increase in clientele.
  3. Increased sales by $40000 per week by introducing discounted deal offers on a weekly basis.
  4. Generated 5-star customer feedback by enhancing customer service, and food quality and courteously catering for food allergies or special requests regarding ingredients.
  5. Saved the kitchen from a loss of $25000 in terms of the replacement cost of an oven by timely repairing it.
  6. Reduced order processing time by 7 minutes on average through smart scheduling and workload distribution among workers in the kitchen.
  7. Implemented the mandatory hygiene and workplace safety protocols bringing the standards of quality and hygiene to par with international standards.
  8. Updated the inventory management system to ensure the availability of all supplies and ingredients.
  9. Redesigned the kitchen counter spaces to ensure hygienic and systematic food assembly, reducing order service time by 40%.
  10. Implemented cost-saving measures that led to a 20% reduction in food waste, resulting in significant savings for the restaurant.
  11. Successfully trained and mentored a team of 15 kitchen staff to consistently deliver high-quality dishes, resulting in improved customer satisfaction scores.
  12. Developed and implemented standardized recipes, portion control measures, and inventory management systems, leading to a 15% decrease in food costs.
  13. Introduced a new menu that featured seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, resulting in a 25% increase in customer retention and positive reviews.
  14. Implemented stringent food safety and hygiene protocols, resulting in a perfect health inspection score and ensuring compliance with all regulations.
  15. Successfully coordinated and executed large-scale catering events and banquets, overseeing the preparation of food for up to 500 guests without compromising quality or timeliness.
  16. Streamlined kitchen operations by improving workflow and implementing efficient scheduling methods, resulting in a 30% increase in productivity.
  17. Represented the kitchen team in management meetings, providing valuable input on menu planning and ensuring seamless collaboration between front-of-house and back-of-house staff.

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