How to Decline or Turn Down the Second Interview [+Sample]

Updated: November 1, 2020

Most of us would not even dream of turning down the opportunity to obtain a job, especially once we are at the interview stage. However, there may be times when you have reconsidered your situation or circumstances, and have decided that you do not want to appear in the second interview.

In instances such as these, it is best to decline appearing for an interview, to save time and resources for yourself and the recruiter.

If you have already appeared for a first interview but your circumstances do not allow you to appear for a second one, there is one way to handle the situation. That is, politely but firmly decline a second interview through an email, fax, or letter.

In your email, you will have to outline why you are doing this to make sure that you leave on pleasant terms with the person who was due to interview you. After all, you do not want to leave a bad taste in his or her mouth by simply not turning up while they wait for you.

A letter to decline a second interview can be written in any way you want it to, provided that you address the issue at hand with relevance and propriety. Here is a sample for you to look at:

Sample Letter or Email to Decline the Second Interview

Moose Mason
525 8th Street
Roodhouse, IL 59855
(000) 989-2098
moose @ eail . com

November 1, 2020

Mr. Oliver Twist
Hiring Manager
941 Hill Avenue
Roodhouse, IL 44565

Dear Mr. Twist:

This is with reference to your letter inviting me for a second interview for the position of Project Manager at Acero. I appreciate your consideration of me as a potential candidate for this job – I enjoyed the experience and learned a lot from the first interview conducted earlier this month.

Although I believe that Acero is a great organization, I have no choice but to decline to appear for the second interview. Soon after the first interview was conducted, I was approached by another organization who offered me a place, which I accepted, since I was unaware if I qualified for the second interview at Acero Precision Inc. I informed your office immediately after I received your summons for the second interview, and thought that it was pertinent to let you know in writing as well.

I am positive that you will be able to find another candidate who can do justice to the work that you do. I appreciate you considering me for this position.


Moose Mason

How to Turn Down the Second Interview

It is quite a difficult thing to turn down the second interview, especially when you worked long and hard for the first interview. However, many circumstances may prevail, which makes it difficult for you to show up for the second interview.

It could be something as simple as the fact that you have already been selected for work elsewhere. Or you could have lost interest in the position. If the latter situation prevails, it is important to tread carefully.

You cannot just no-show for the second interview because you don’t want to burn the bridges. It is possible that you may be considered for the same (or another) position later, and you don’t want to sound rude.

One of the best ways to decline an interview is to write an email or a letter to the human resources manager. In your letter, politely turn down the interview, while providing solid reasons for your decision.