Kitchen Manager Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: May 20, 2023

Kitchen managers work at restaurants, hotels, healthcare and educational organizations, and private houses.

They are required to manage the kitchen in a multitude of ways.

This means that they work throughout their shift to ensure that all the work in the kitchen is coordinated appropriately and that no hiccups occur during their shift.

Kitchen managers ensure that all employees within a kitchen do their jobs appropriately and that food orders are delivered in a timely and accurate fashion.

There isn’t a particular degree needed to be eligible for this job – although a degree in hospitality may help.

The following cover letter sample depicts an individual’s interest in this position. Have a look!

Sample Cover Letter for Kitchen Manager Position

Charlotte, NC 78399
(010) 222-3213
harrison @ email . com

May 20, 2023

Mr. Neal Ernesto
Manager Human Resources
Yummy Delights
92 Oleander Drive
Charlotte, NC 93022

Dear Mr. Ernesto:

The hospitality industry is a fascinating place and food is even more so! My love for food and excellent management skills has forced me to pursue my career as a Kitchen Manager. I am an avid food manager and have worked in a number of capacities inside a kitchen over the last seven years. It is now my dream to work as a Kitchen Manager for Yummy Delights and offer this letter and the accompanying resume for your review.

I am well versed in the work that is involved in managing kitchens of different hospitality establishments. As required, the following are some of my key strengths which will enable me to manage your kitchen and lead staff successfully:

  • Demonstrated ability to oversee all aspects of kitchen operations.
  • Particularly effective in conducting daily line checks, food reviews, and recipes of the day.
  • Adept at planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, scheduling, and delegating responsibilities to the staff, ensuring the goals and objectives of the kitchen are met on a daily basis by the staff.
  • Committed to providing exceptional services to clients and staff.
  • Proven record of maintaining costs for food, beverage, and labor within the assigned budget.

Since I worked closely with customers of different cultures in the past, I can understand what makes them happy – accuracy and quality are the crux of customer satisfaction, and I have the capacity to ensure that they are served in nothing less than a royal fashion.

A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen. Keeping this in mind, I ensure that all kitchen employees conform to the highest cleanliness standards at all times. Taking this philosophy further, I am excited at the prospect of meeting you to discuss this opportunity. I can be reached at the phone number given below.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Harrison Doe

(010) 222-3213

Enclosure: Resume