Lifeguard Reference or recommendation Letter should be positive about the candidate.

It must be written by somebody who has known the candidate for an extended period of time and has relevant know-how for the lifeguard position. Better to be written by immediate supervisor.

The example below will provide you with a basic idea how to write a recommendation letter for lifeguard position.



Lifeguard Reference Letter Sample


February 14, 2014



I am pleased to write to you on behalf of Mr. John Doe, who is applying for a lifeguard position at your organization. I have known John for two years. He has been working under my supervision since his time of joining Marriott.

John has proven to be exceptional in a number of facets. Firstly, John is very intelligent and proactive. He proved to be a very quick, had eyes in the back of his head and oodles of natural charm to ensure swimmers are safe and joyful in the pool area at all times. Furthermore, he is friendly and approachable, having a natural ability to provide a supportive customer service role and providing personal attention and care to all members.

John is an independent hard worker and reacts on urgent situations instantly. At the same time as he has no problem working with co-workers or interacting with others, he can also work excellent on his own. I would anticipate him to perform glowing in a wide range of environments.

I strongly recommend john as your prospective lifeguard and wish him best of luck in his upcoming professional life.



Alex Smith
Personnel Manager
41 New Street, New York, NY 21410