Line Cook Letter of Recommendation

Updated on June 5, 2018

Being mere “to whom it may concern” letters, Line Cook recommendation letters holds prime importance if you are looking for a new job.

Recommendation letters can assist people in obtaining jobs that they are aspiring to achieve. A recommendation letter contains niceties about an ex-employee; it has to be a real document which consists of information on how well an employee has performed work.

Prospective employers tend to make crucial decisions based on the recommendation letters they receive. Since recommendation letters possess information on how an individual has worked in the past, prospective employers get an idea of how they will work with them.

The primary purpose of a recommendation letter is to assist an ex-employee in getting a new job. Letters of recommendation are usually full of praise for the individual they are written for.

Recommendation letters can be as professional or personal as the writer wants it to be. Some people write recommendation letters along purely official lines; others put in an element of feeling as well. Let us look at the following letter of recommendation written for the position of a line cook:


Line Cook Letter of Recommendation Sample


June 5, 2018


To Whom It May Concern

Mark Wahlberg has worked as a Line Cook under my supervision at Applebee’s for three years. During this time, his work has been nothing less than perfect owing to his understanding of actual cooking procedures and their implementation.

As a stickler for perfection, Mark has always been very careful of both hygiene and sanitation during his duties, which have earned him quite a reputation amongst his peers. I have always commended him for his knife handling skills which I believe represent his manual dexterity and have also asked him to train other line cooks in handling precarious kitchen instruments.

As an effective time-manager who has in-depth knowledge of food preparation activities, I believe that Mark has the talent to make it big in the culinary world. As part of his work at Applebee’s, he has been formally trained in handling culinary activities.

I recommend Mark for any position in the culinary industry that he wishes to pursue as I am confident that he has it in him to be successful at any work that he puts his mind to. If you would like any further information about Mark and his work, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Collin Worth
Restaurant Manager
(000) 844-3650

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