2 Assistant Retail Manager Resume Samples

Updated on: August 17, 2021

A retail assistant manager’s main work is to oversee retail staff members and to ensure that they work well. It is also their responsibility to make sure that the retail store runs properly.

In order to apply for this position, you have to write a resume that showcases your skills, qualifications, education, and work experience properly.

Working as an assistant retail manager means a whole lot of responsibilities on your shoulder. And in order to convince the hiring manager that you are up for this work, you must ensure that your resume is short, yet informative.

Here are 2 examples to get ideas from:

Retail Assistant Manager Resume Sample 1

Kristen Stewart
90 Hyde Street, Columbus, OH 49021
(000) 312-3434


Results-oriented Retail Assistant Manager with 7 years of extensive experience in managing the store’s sales teams to ensure recurring business. Highly skilled in conducting sales and inventory management work, and optimizing profits by controlling costs. A proven leader who has the ability to lead and train a retail sales team.

Cost Control | Quality Assurance
Customer Retention | Store Standards
Sales Evaluation | Employee Oversight
Training and Mentoring | Visual Merchandising
Marketing Execution | Pricing Strategies
Store Supervision | Complaints Handling

• Increased store sales by 25% through well-placed visual merchandising efforts
• Singlehandedly implemented modern pricing strategies in sync with market trends
• Reorganized sales floor, bringing it in alignment with company demands
• Suggested putting the store’s merchandise online, as a result, increased sales by $50000 per month


Retail Assistant Manager
Ace Hardware, Columbus, OH
• Manage a team of 20+ retail associates and cashiers
• Interview, hire and train retail employees
• Assist in the development and implementation of customer attraction strategies
• Perform sales and inventory management
• Evaluate competition by gathering and analyzing style, quality, and price information
• Assist sales teams with visual merchandising efforts
• Control costs in order to increase profits
• Respond to queries and complaints aimed at ensuring customer retention
• Ensure consistent product and service quality
• Monitor costs, budgets, and resources
• Assist in analyzing consumer behaviors
• Suggest store appearance maintenance avenues
• Schedule staff routines and tasks, and monitor their activities
• Oversee shipments and ensure stock is properly put away

Retail Sales Associate
Macy’s, Columbus, OH
• Greeted customers and assisted them in locating their choice of products
• Demonstrated product features and benefits
• Provided price and expiry information
• Led customers through the payment procedure
• Bagged purchases and arranged for them to be delivered to customers’ vehicles
• Stocked shelves, and ensure consistent cleaning and maintenance of assigned areas

High School Diploma
St. Peter’s High School, Columbus, OH – 2011

Assistant Retail Manager Resume Example 2
Less Experience

Kenneth Adam
8910 Peachridge Drive, Houston, TX 77363
(000) 949-9439

Seeking a position as an Assistant Retail Manager with K-Mart utilizing leadership abilities and excellent team management skills to maximize profits

• Over three years of experience in retail management
• Highly skilled in managing retail store operations in a smooth and organized way
• In-depth knowledge of raising store’s profits by attracting shoppers and providing excellent customer services
• Hands-on experience in training salespeople and monitoring inventory
• Exceptional computer skills including ERP and retail software
• Demonstrated ability to resolve conflicts among personnel


Assistant Retail Manager
Kent Market – Houston, TX
May 2020 – Present
Key Achievements
• Increased sales by 30% in six months by placing extensive advertising and marketing campaigns
• Trained three batches of employees in sales in record time for the opening of three Ken Market stores in the UK
Key Responsibilities
• Ensure shop floor runs smoothly
• Deal with inquiries and complaints
• Assist customers with decision making

Retail Assistant
ABC Retail – Houston, TX
Sep 2018 – May 2020
Key Responsibilities
• Handled store displays and merchandise
• Directed inventory and stocks as appropriate
• Handled customer orders and deliveries
• Oversaw retail accounting
• Performed cashier duties as and when required

Bachelor of Business Administration
University of Texas, Houston, TX
Major: Sales and Marketing
Minor: Personnel Management
GPA: 3.6

• Proficient in merchandising activities
• Outstanding organizational and interpersonal skills
• Excellence in sales performance and training

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