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Lifeguard Job Description and Duties for Resume

Lifeguard Job Description Lifeguards create a safe environment where people can enjoy swimming, surfing, and boating without having to fear to drown or hurt. Lifeguards typically keep an eye on people indulging in recreational activities on a pool, lake, water-park or the beach. In the event of a mishap, they are responsible for performing lifesaving… Read More »

Lifeguard Reference Letter Sample

A lifeguard reference or recommendation letter is a very important document that increases the possibility of getting a new job. Usually, your immediate supervisor is responsible to give you a recommendation whenever you leave a job or afterward when you need it. If written carefully, it can increase the chances of getting a new job.… Read More »

22 Sample Lifeguard Interview Questions and Answers

Congratulations! Your lifeguard cover letter and lifeguard resume were accepted, and you have been called for a lifeguard interview. Now take a look at the following Sample Lifeguard Interview Questions and Answers to prepare yourself well. These sample questions will provide you with a general idea of expected interview questions. Additional Resources Lifeguard Achievements Lifeguard Resume… Read More »

Lifeguard Achievements for Resume

Lifeguards hold an essential role whether they are working on a beach or at the poolside. They are employed by spas and clubs as well as contractors on the beach to look out for the security of the swimmers in the area and to educate them about safety issues and other precautions. They supervise swimmers… Read More »

Entry Level Lifeguard Resume With No Experience

Lifeguards are skilled swimmers who ensure the protection of swimmers and people around pool areas and beaches. They work at pools and beaches, youth associations, schools, community recreation departments, personal swim clubs, and hotels. Lifeguards have to be qualified in water safety. They know how to begin rescue and take a distressed swimmer away from… Read More »

Lifeguard Cover Letter Sample and 6 Writing Tips

Cover letters for lifeguard positions are an essential part of the job application set. This document is usually the employer’s very first contact with you. Therefore, it is essential to make a positive impression by highlighting your skills and relevant achievements. Lifeguard Cover Letter Writing Tips 1. Personalize your cover letter in keeping with the… Read More »