A Receptionist recommendation letter is a written reference designed to give information regarding your character and work ethic. Employers or educational institutions require at least one recommendation letter during the hiring or admissions process. Therefore, a recommendation letter is very useful in the professional world and might help your employee/student to get the receptionist job.

When requesting a reference letter for receptionist, keep in mind that the human resource managers or your immediate supervisors are looking to increase their knowledge of your performance and professional skills. They want real evidence that you are a devoted, keen and true to your resume and cover letter or job application.

It is very common for referrers to ask employee to draft or outline a recommendation letter on their behalf. Usually references will be written completely by employers but, alternatively, an employee might be asked to draft or outline his letter. In the second case, the given information will be edited by the employer before finalizing.

Look at the following example of Receptionist Reference Letter which will give you a clear idea.


Receptionist Reference Letter Sample


December 10, 2013


To Whom It May Concern

It is a great pleasure to recommend Maria Lee for the receptionist position at Four Seasons Hotel New York. I was Maria’s immediate supervisor during her work at Haines.

Maria proved herself one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic employee at our company. She has highly charismatic, pleasant and professional demeanor. More importantly, she has excellent communication and customer service skills having a profound ability of giving front desk services in a fast paced environment. She is highly skilled in supporting the productivity of the office through filing, answering incoming calls, greeting guests and ordering supplies. I was really impressed from her capability in creating a professional and inviting environment offering outstanding customer service for clients.

Based on all of this and more, I strongly recommend Maria Lee for this opportunity. In case of any additional information you may need to assess her qualifications, please contact me any time on my phone or email.



Samuel Joe
Operations Manager
Haines, Inc. – Glen Burnie, MD
Tel: (999) 999-9999