A character reference letter for caregiver is used to sell a past employee’s actual talents and qualities to a prospective employer. It is usually a To Whom It May Concern Letter with special focus on a individual’s skills in managing daily activities of either elderly or disabled clients, residents of a facility or children.

Caregiver recommendation letters are very useful to applicants who are finding a new job, as they allow hiring managers to see how a prospective employee was observed by her previous employers. Above all, Caregivers have imperative job tasks that require special abilities that are hard to summarize in a Caregiver’s Resume. Prospective employers value real life examples of how the applicant has handled actual situations.

The following template will give you a better idea how to write a caregiver reference letter.


Caregiver Reference Letter Example


May 8, 2016


To Whom It May Concern

It is my immense pleasure to recommend Jane Auburn for the position of a Caregiver at Brookdale Senior Living. As her supervisor, I affirm her suitability and ability to work well in personal care capacities.

Jane is an honest and diligent young woman who is passionate to help others. While she was working at Scottsdale Senior Residents, she demonstrated an immense fervor by providing the residents with a reason to live actively each day. Her presence at the facility made it a fun and well-organized place as she has the ability to display professionalism with a touch of personal attitude that makes her so popular. Never have we had another caregiver who can assist the elderly with their daily activities while ensuring that they do not feel the dredges of routine. She has a profound habit of completing all tasks efficiently and at times even sacrifices her free time to “spend a little more time with the old dears.”

I believe that she will be an asset to any organization that she will work for as her commitment and associated skills are much above par of that of her contemporaries. I wish her the best of luck for her future endeavours.




Courtney Cox
Scottsdale Senior Residents
22 Alma Street
New York, NY 33342
(000) 741-9573