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Sample Character Reference Letter for Court

Court cases can be tricky. Especially if you or someone you know is stuck in one. But did you know that it can be in your hands what the judge decides about the person who has been accused of wrongdoing? A character reference letter may be part of a court case’s standard procedure. Or one may… Read More »

Sample Letter of Personal Reference for a Friend

If you have been asked by a friend to write a reference letter for him, the chances are that he has been asked to provide one by a prospective landlord for child custody purposes, membership, court hearing, foster care, parole hearing, or a scholarship. A personal reference letter is more of a character certificate than… Read More »

Character Reference Letter Sample

Character reference letters may be written for different purposes including court appearances, vouching for personal character or a general request for a reference. Once you have determined the purpose for which a character reference needs to be written, you can begin by organizing your thoughts on a piece of paper and then gelling them together… Read More »

How to Write a Reference Letter for an Employee

Introduction It is not necessary to follow a set format when writing a reference letter for an employee. Some employers write reference letters that have a “to whom it may concern” header; others may address a particular person directly. Regardless of the format of a reference letter, they are written for one purpose only –… Read More »

How to Write a Personal Reference Letter

Some reference letters are professional; others are personal – and some are a mixture of both. Every situation requires a different type of reference letter to be written for it. For example, an employer writing a professional reference letter will concentrate more on how well an employee has worked in a particular position.   There… Read More »

Reference Letter for a Personal Assistant

Reference letters are written to provide credence to an employee’s character and employment history so that he or she may apply for a subsequent position. A reference letter may be used for applying to many organizations at the same time unless an ex-employee asks explicitly for separately written ones.   Reference letters are positive documents;… Read More »

Reference Letter for MBA

A reference letter is an important document when you are applying for a degree program. It does not matter if you are applying directly from an undergraduate program or have worked for some time and would now like to pursue your education again reference letters are an absolute necessity. Let us have a look at… Read More »

Reference Letter for Graduate School

Students applying for a position in a graduate school will need a reference letter from a teacher or employer to complete the admission process. Institutes want to acquire students who possess potential and are generally good in both manners and academically and a reference letter is a perfect way to ensure that. Here is an… Read More »

Lifeguard Reference Letter Sample

A lifeguard reference or recommendation letter is a very important document that increases the possibility of getting a new job. Usually, your immediate supervisor is responsible to give you a recommendation whenever you leave a job or afterward when you need it. If written carefully, it can increase the chances of getting a new job.… Read More »