Home Health Aide Reference Letter Sample

November 2, 2019

So you have been given the task of writing a reference letter for the home health aide.

By writing one, you are actually doing a great favor to someone who has been a source of comfort to many patients in your facility. Don’t be stingy with praise, and don’t say no! Unless, of course, you have nothing good to say about her.


Typically, a Home Health Aide reference letter is written to testify a person’s skills, character, experience, and achievements. When an individual applies for a new job, a reference letter can be of great help.

New employers like hearing good things that previous employers have to say about a candidate. Three things are essential parts of a reference letter:

• The applicant’s job title and role in which he has worked for you
• Status of employment – current, temporary, full-time, part-time, etc.
• The duration through which he has worked with you

Once you have this information out of the way, it is time to deal with the niceties.

Yes, reference letters are all about how right an individual is. There is nothing negative about a reference letter, so it cannot be used to tell a prospective employer that a person should not be hired.

The body of the reference letter should provide judgment on the candidate’s skill and qualities and should single out any exceptional qualities that she has.

To give you an example, we have provided a reference letter sample for a home health aide below:

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Home Health Aide Reference Letter Sample


November 2, 2019


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing to recommend Mona Tim for employment as a home health aide. Mona has worked in a similar capacity at Sava Senior Care for 3 years. She looked after several of the in-house patients and have had a successful record with all of them.

Mona is a pleasure to have at the facility. Her knowledge of dealing with dementia patients is quite deep. Providing definitive medical care and handling grooming, bathing, and feeding duties with more love and compassion than a normal human being is Mona’s specialty. Not only is she good in what she does, but also she makes it a point to keep learning to make sure that she doesn’t fall short of anything.

As a productive individual who is exceptionally skilled in handling supportive medical duties such as checking vital signs and administering prescribed medication, she is a credit to the physicians at the facility. Since Mona is also trained in food and nutrition, she knows just how to look after her patients’ nutritional needs.

Without any doubt, I am positive that Mona will be a great asset to your facility. If you need further information regarding her work, please feel free to contact me at (000) 142-4521.


Best regards,


Madison Pointe
Sava Senior Care
283 Oak Street
New York, NY 92019

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