Reference Letter for Fast Food Worker

Updated: September 16, 2018

Reference letters are important documents especially when you are hopping from one job to another. They provide valuable information about your work and you as a worker in a previous position which may make the basis of successful employment in another place. Employers bank heavily on reference letters from former employers and use them as deciding factors when hiring an employee.

Fast food workers serve customers in fast service establishments that offer fast food and take-out. They are the initial contact between the customer and the establishment and are responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction. They take orders, deliver order information to the kitchen and deliver ready orders to the customers. In some establishments, fast food workers also prepare and pack food for the customers.

The fast-food industry sees a lot of employees job-hopping as the hours are irregular and employees are often expected to work weekends and during holidays. Students who wish to earn extra money make a beeline for this job as it does not require formal education and provides them with experience of working in a professional environment while earning some extra cash.

When switching jobs in the fast food industry, you will need the services of a good reference letter to provide sustenance to your application at a new establishment. The following is a sample of a reference letter that an ex-employer may write for a fast food worker.


Reference Letter for a Fast Food Worker


September 16, 2018


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to recommend Harrison Ford as a potential employee of your organization. I have known Harrison in a personal capacity even before he joined Blue Mountain as a Fast Food Worker two years ago. As soon as he joined our team of food service workers, our work atmosphere became charged with the energy that he expended. He had been an absolute asset to the company owing to his work ethic and knowledge of working in a fast food environment.

Harrison has excellent communication skills which have led to many happy customers especially in times of order delays. He is extremely capable of keeping a customer engaged through his professional conversation ethics and able to process order requests at the same time. We had the opportunity to use him in the kitchen at times where we found him well versed in cooking activities as well. Moreover, we have never encountered any problems with his schedules as he is always willing to spend an extra hour outside his shift and enthusiastic to work weekends when needed.

The entire staff of Blue Mountain is sad to see him go but wish him luck in his future positions. Please feel free to call me for any further information that you may need about Harrison. Again, I strongly recommend him for any position that he may be deemed fit in a fast food environment.


Truly yours,

Cathy Mellow
Blue Mountain
903 45th Street
Brooklyn, NY 73900