Laborer Objective Samples

Updated on May 23, 2018

Different types of jobs require different kinds of resumes. While many candidates (and employers) agree that writing an objective on a laborer resume serves no purpose at all.

But if you are less experienced or career changer, an objective can help reach out to a potential employer. It has the power to create interest in a resume since it is technically the beginning of a resume.

When a prospective employer picks up a resume, s/he decides if it needs to be read further within the first five seconds! So if your objective is clear, concise and attractive, your chances of an interview will double!

Objectives for laborer resume should not be written just to fill space.

They serve a great purpose, and that is to appeal to an employer and force him to read further. Needless to say, if the objective on your resume is annoying and not in-sync with the job and company that you are applying for, an employer will have no choice but to pick up the next one!

Interested in knowing how resume objectives are written? Refer below to a list of resume objective written for the position of a laborer.

Sample Objectives for Laborer Resume

• Looking for a position as a General Laborer at Ace Construction Company. Eager to perform physically challenging work in a quick, productive and safe manner.

• Seeking a Laborer position with Menasha Packaging using ability to consistently produce high-quality workmanship in sync with company standards and policies.

• Desire a Laborer position with Ipsen Inc. Offers expertise in using and maintaining power and hand tools to handle masonry structures.

• To work as a Laborer with Savage Companies utilizing strong skills in managing a series of general and specific construction work duties with absolute exactitude and precision.

• To obtain a position as a Laborer with Absolute Concrete. Bringing expertise in operating laser guidance equipment intending to complete assigned construction projects in a time-efficient manner.

• Seeking a Laborer position with AurStaff utilizing knowledge of the construction arena to complete assigned projects efficiently and timely. Complete knowhow of using forklifts, power drills, grinders and pressure washers along with great physical ability aimed to ensure the efficacy of construction projects.

• To work for Wheelbarrow as a Laborer. Offering proficiency in the use of drills and skill saws intending to handle excavation and backfill duties.