Top 22 Laborer Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: October 7, 2020

A laborer career objective statement has the power to create interest in a resume or CV because it comes at the very beginning.

When the recruiter picks up a resume, s/he decides if it needs to be read further within the first five seconds! So if your objective is clear, concise, and attractive, you will have great chances to get an interview.

It must be remembered that the objectives for the laborer resume should not be written just to fill the space. They serve a great purpose, and that is to impress the recruiter to read your resume in detail.

Needless to say, if the objective on your resume is annoying and not in-sync with the job and company that you are applying for, an employer will have no choice but to pick up the next one!

Interested in knowing how laborer resume objectives are written? Refer to 22 sample objectives below.

22 Sample Objectives for Laborer Resume

15 Experienced Laborer Objectives

1. Looking for a position as a Laborer at Ace Construction Company to perform physically challenging work in a quick, productive, and safe manner.

2. Seeking a Laborer position with Menasha Packaging using the physical ability and passion to consistently produce high-quality workmanship in sync with company standards and policies.

3. Strong desire to obtain a Laborer position with Ipsen Inc. Offers expertise in using and maintaining power and hand tools to handle masonry structures.

4. To contribute to ABC Company in the capscity of a Laborer using skills in managing a series of general and specific construction work duties with absolute exactitude and precision.

5. To obtain a position as a Laborer with Absolute Concrete. Bringing expertise in operating laser guidance equipment intending to complete assigned construction projects in a time-efficient manner.

6. Seeking a Laborer position at Ace Construction Company, leveraging previous experience in preparing worksites and providing support services to engineers to contribute to the company’s success.

7. Looking for a position as a Laborer at XYZ Company. Offering proven expertise in construction work, aiming to help the organization meet its construction project deadlines.

8. Highly energetic, and efficient individual, boasting 10+ years of experience in a General Laborer role. Quick learner, with a solid record of exemplary work processes. Hoping to work at ABC Company, focusing on meeting the company’s goals and objectives.

9. Detail-oriented and dexterous Laborer with a solid ability to work in a team environment, as well as independently. Enthusiastic to add to the ABC Company’s reputation for excellent construction work by focusing on the key areas of improvement.

10. Poised to contribute to ABC Company as a General Laborer by implementing my dexterity and multi-tasking abilities to help the company meets its work objectives on a daily basis. Bringing the ability to handle taxing physical work while continuously emphasizing quality work processes.

11. Highly industrious Laborer seeking a position with the Skyscrapers to leverage hands-on experience in inventory handling, cost estimation, and manual laboring tasks. Detail-oriented with the ability to work productively as a member of a team. Particularly effective in demolishing buildings and controlling traffic.

12. Highly experienced and competent Laborer eager to work for Pepsi utilizing skills in pallet jack and forklift operation, inventory keeping, and material packaging. Particularly effective in handling and transporting fragile material and disposing of hazardous waste in an environment-friendly manner.

13. Dexterous professional seeking work as a Laborer. Offering expertise in assisting with general construction work, vinyl flooring, roof paneling, and drywall fixing. In-depth knowledge of OSHA workplace safety protocols.

14. To attain a challenging Laborer position with Arizona Builders where skills in site clearing, roof paneling, and concrete shaping could be put to productive use.

15. To contribute to the success of Universal Builders as a Laborer, utilizing expertise in bricklaying, floor stabilization, and drywall installation. Particularly effective in blueprint implementation, building repair works, and pipeline channeling.

7 Entry Level Laborer Career Objectives With No Experience

16. Seeking a Laborer position with AurStaff utilizing manual labor knowledge and exceptional physical stamina to complete assigned tasks efficiently and timely. Exceptional customer service skills.

17. Passionate laborer with great stamina and energy poised to work for X Company. Bringing complete know-how of using forklifts, power drills, grinders, and pressure washers to ensure the efficacy of construction projects. Good communication and interpersonal skills.

18. To work for Wheelbarrow as a Laborer, implementing strong knowledge of construction work to handle excavation and backfill duties successfully. Proficient in the use of drills and skill saws.

19. Recent high school graduate, with a working knowledge of manual labor work. Looking for an opportunity to work as a Laborer at Skyland Grain to utilize skills in taking and following orders. Positive “Can-do” attitude.

20.. Committed and skillful individual eager to work for IMG Builders in the role of Laborer. Bringing excellent understanding of demolishing, terrain smoothing, work area cleanliness, power equipment operation, and waste disposal. Thoroughly familiar with OSHA guidelines.

21. To work for IMG Builders as a Laborer. Offering profound skills in ground leveling, bricklaying, and scaffolding. A team player who is passionate to complete complex building projects within a given time frame under minimal supervision.

22. Exceptionally detail-oriented Individual with strong communication skills, positive attitude, physical dexterity, as well as a desire to learn and contribute. Seeking employment at ABC Company to perform manual labor work in the best possible way in the minimum time. Able to work without supervision.


A formal objective statement plays a vital role in giving a direction to the Laborer resume. It must indicate the exact title of position while highlighting the job seeker’s relevant skills.

As a career objective is the first section of your resume after your contact details, so it is highly recommended to showcase your core skills in this section in an optimized manner.

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