6 Construction Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: February 24, 2022

A construction resume objective statement provides an employer with preliminary information about what kind of person you are and how you can perform the job.

Resume objectives are of great importance in the battle to get ahead of the competition, especially if you have no experience in hand or changing your career path.

Construction resume objectives are simple statements that tell an employer that you have particular skills you can combine with your experience to handle an array of physical duties effectively.

Objective statements are not only written to provide information but also to create a positive first impression and edge the reader to read the rest of the resume.

Start your resume with an objective statement to grab the attention of the prospective employer.

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Construction Resume Objective Examples

Construction Manager Resume Objectives

1. Construction Manager with 9+ years’ track record of success in the construction field, seeking employment at Moffat and Nichol. Excited to handle the company’s scope, schedule, and budget requirements from inception to the post-construction phase.

2. Looking for a Construction Supervisor position with URS, utilizing experience in coordinating contractors, resolving field issues, and overseeing construction scope to ensure the success of a project.

3. Seeking a Construction Supervisor position with Tesoro Companies. Offering 5+ years of hands-on experience in planning, laying out, and supervising construction, maintenance, and repair work on site. Exceptional ability to handle cost estimates and labor needs along with a keen ability to enforce safety regulations on construction sites.

Construction Worker Resume Objectives

4. Hardworking Construction Laborer with strong expertise in assisting all facets of construction. Poised to offer ABC Company with a track record of directing operations of construction equipment and adjustment of machinery to meet the needs of the construction project.

5. To work as a construction worker for Cramer and Associates by employing strong knowledge of underground utility work and a keen ability to use construction power tools to ensure the efficacy of a construction project.

Bricklayer Resume Objectives

6. To obtain a Bricklayer position, bringing true workmanship abilities along with a great insight into handling construction projects over a broad base such as buildings, roads, and bridges.

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